How To Roll A Spliff – The Reefer & Tea Song

This is a very British rap about rolling a spliff from rapper & producer MIDI Intellect . Most of the UK & Ireland’s cannabis smokers can identify with the satisfaction of smoking a reefer and drinking tea. MIDI will be known to some of the cannabis community already for other weed inspired tracks, one in particular was in support of UK cannabis activist Winston Matthews when he was jailed for growing cannabis, called – FREE WINSTON JAIL BAYER AG. The other track was SPLIFF POLITICS featuring Tongue Twister which is a critique of drug policy that harms the public. MIDI has been using his art to speak out against the corruption and greed from the get go, so its really worth checking out if you’re into something outside the mainstream…

MIDI Intellect Facebook –

Here’s our other two favourite MIDI Tracks – Free Winston Matthews Jail Bayer AG

And – Spliff Politics featuring Tongue Twister




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