Cannabis Activism Poster & Sticker Templates

The images below have been created for people who wish to participate in some cannabis activism

Our motivation is simply to get the word about cannabis to everybody in the world!!!

 Just save any of the images and print off as many copies as you want to hand out or stick around your local area

The “Notice to cannabis growers” poster is exactly 2480 × 3508 pixels to fit an A4 sized piece of paper and  is purposely black and white to save on expensive coloured ink

To get the full sized images click on the image you want, then save it from the new page

You can print the poster on different coloured papers if you have any

After printing you can buy a cheap wallpaper paste, mix it to a thick consistency and use it to stick the poster around your local area or you can give copies to others and ask them to do the same

If you want to squeeze two posters from one A4 sheet of paper just print the second image and cut the sheet in half

If you have some artistic flair you could add your own colours

Tips: Don’t put your posters or stickers anywhere that displays information, for example if you cover parts of the bus stop timetable people will rip them off almost immediately if they need to see behind your poster or sticker

Try to place at an average adults eye level

The poster reads:

“Notice to Cannabis Growers
If you know someone who is suffering you can help !!!
Research Cannabis oil
revolution starts in the home
Help a suffering neighbour, friend or family member with cannabis oil
*Cannabinoids *Endocannabinoid System *CBD *THC
CANNABIS FOR: *Autism *PTSD *Alcoholism *Cancer *Diabetes *Arthritis *Crohn’s *Nerve Damge *Chronic Pain *Epilepsy *Multiple Sclerosis *Fibromyalgia
*Parkinson’s *Psoriasis *Seizures *Anorexia *Depression & More
Cannabis: The People’s Plant”

Full image will look like this on an A4 Size page – Click Here to see the full sized image – once opened save image from the new page

If you wish to make two A5 sized posters from one A4 sheet of paper please Click Here to see the full sized image – once opened save image from the new page

These images below were used as a template for stickers by activists


Here are some old photographs of the stickers when printed

cannabis sticker cannabis stickers 2 cannabis stickers

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