Did Bruce Lee Use Cannabis For Anti-Seizure & Anti-Inflammatory properties?

Bruce Lee was far ahead of his time when it came to his ability across many martial arts disciplines, philosophy, the spirit, body and mind. Cannabis user Bruce may have also understood the true potential of the medicinal properties of the herb before most people. According to this conversation between Joe Rogan and fellow comedian/full time stoner (uncle) Joey Diaz , Bruce Lee was eating hash to overcome damage caused by his intense training and fighting.

Lots of recent studies show cannabis to be a powerful treatment for both seizures, which according to his medical reports – Bruce was suffering from and inflammation which he most certainly endured as a martial artist. Bruce Lee was also renowned for his wisdom and like it or not cannabis has been recognized and used by humans for thousands of years to gain it, so Bruce would have been doing nothing new in this case…

Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz also discuss what Joey thinks happened that led up to Bruce Lee’s controversial death. This clip is from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast – Number #627


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