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Stoner Superstar: Black The Ripper

Black The Ripper is the “Motivated Stoner” rap artist from the UK, very well known for being ‘Married to Marijuana’ and having fearlessly strong views on his right to consume cannabis and his reasons for doing so.

We’re recommending Blackaveli aka Samson aka Black The Ripper to you guys because he’s a fucking legend. His music is brash and unapologetic about his love of weed in a nation with some of the most Draconian drug laws in the world, the United Kingdom.  He’s known for basically not giving any fucks as you’ll see in his 420 smoking weed prank & public smoking compilation below.

This guy isn’t only an independent rapper though, Black also run’s his own clothing company, beautifully named – Dank of England through his official website http://www.iamsamson.com.

Blackaveli’s social networking platforms are regularly updated with the goings on of Black The Ripper’s true stoner superstar lifestyle, the YouTube is well worth a follow  for the videos too – Ital Samson/ Black Magik TV YouTube

Black The Ripper’s next release is aptly named “Motivated Stoner” which we’re pumped to hear in it’s entirety but in the meantime here’s a few videos to give you an idea of what this man is all about. We salute you Black The Ripper

420 Smoking Weed In Public Prank – Via Trollstation

Black The Ripper – I Wanna Get High – From the *420 Mixtape* which you can download for free here – [SBTV Exclusive Mixtape] – Samson Blackaveli – “420 Mixtape” by Samson Blackaveli

Black The Ripper & Harry Love – The Remedy (Married To Marijuana) – ”Married To Marijuana” is out now – https://itun.es/gb/KQkyJ

Black The Ripper And TrollStation Smoking Weed On London Eye For 420 Celebration!  

Twitter – http://twitter.com/blacktheripper
Instagram – http://instagram.com/blacktheripper
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/blacktheripper