Beginners Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds

Most good cannabis seed bank websites have a variety of cannabis seeds to suit the needs of each individual grower

Some brands only distribute specific types of cannabis, like autoflowering or photoperiod, feminized seed and others who only work with naturally grown “regular” seeds but what’s the difference?

This guide will help you understand the cannabis species somewhat better if you’re starting from scratch

3 Sexes: Males, Females & Hermaphrodites


Male cannabis flowers or “sacs” are filled with pollen that is released during bloom

Males generally mature long before female cannabis plants do

The males yield insignificant amounts of cannabinoids (THC,CBD, CBN etc) in comparison to the females


Female flowers are the most potent in cannabinoid content

Seed reproduction occurs when female flowers are met by the pollen from male flowers

Once pollinated the female begin to grow seed inside pods within the flower

“sinsemilla” is a conjunction of the Spanish words “sin” (with out) and “semilla” (seed) to mean “without seeds”

To get quality cannabis flowers to produce medicine you will need to grow female or “feminized” cannabis strains only

Cannabis flowers

Female ♀ & Male ♂ Cannabis Beginning To Flower

Female ♀ & Male ♂ Cannabis Beginning To Flower

Pollination is to be avoided if you only want high quality cannabis to consume


Hermaphrodites are also known as “hermies”

Hermies have both male and female reproductive parts so can self pollinate

Cannabis turning hermie is completely natural and is a species survival instinct

Some strains can be more prone to turning hermaphrodite under extreme stress as a defence mechanism

Hermaphrodite cannabis usually contains an insignificant amount of cannabinoids

Remove hermaphrodites from gardens and discard if found

Hermaphrodite Cannabis With Both Sex Organs

Hermaphrodite Cannabis With Both Sex Organs

Breeders use different types of extreme stress techniques to manipulate female plants into turning hermaphrodite in a bid to produce feminized seeds

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely not interested in breeding and you only want bud so you want to avoid hermies altogether!!!

Producing seeded flowers is to be avoided as it will massively reduce your harvest of medicine

Most of your harvest weight will be seeds, the plant’s energy would be focused on growth of these seeds if pollinated

Sativa Indica & Hybrid


Sativas tend to grow tall with long thin spiny leaves

They take the longest to fully flower out of all of the different cannabis varieties

The high from good sativas are usually a head high, often people report feeling energetic and some people use it to help with creativity


Indicas tend to grow short and bushy, with wide leaves

They take much less time to flower than sativas – between 7 and 9 weeks usually

The high from an indica tends to be a physical one where people report of “couch lock” as their muscles relax so this type can help with sleeping problems


Hybrids are cross breeds of different cannabis types

A 50% indica 50% sativa is an example of a hybrid – There is every percentage imaginable out there

Depending on a hybrid’s genetic make up of it’s parent plants – flowering stages can range from 8 – 14 weeks

Photoperiod or Autoflower Seeds


Photoperiod cannabis strains are either indica, sativa or a hybrid of these two and are considered the standard types of cannabis

The word “photoperiod” is self explanatory when broken down “photo” meaning – light and “period” – meaning time

The photoperiod varieties begin to flower when they react to light changes

The light cycle for an indoor grow of a photoperiod strain would be as follows:

 Vegetative stage: 18-24 hours of light per day 0-6 hours of darkness

 Flowering stage:  12 hours of light – 12 hours of darkness once the plants are mature enough

In flowering photoperiod types the 12 hours of light is as important as the 12 hours of darkness

Light peaks during dark period can disrupt growth

Full photoperiod ( sativas, indicas and cross breeds of these two) types produce some of the most impressive yields

The photoperiod strains can be kept in a perpetual vegetative state for cloning or to produce bigger plants for flowering

Autoflower (aka ruderalis):

Autoflowering cannabis strains are not photosensitive and go into flower automatically when they reach maturity, unlike photoperiod types

The autoflower (ruderalis) variety will continue to flower even when an 18 hour light cycle is maintained from seedling to harvest

These strains are great for outdoor growing and can do well in colder regions in the warmer months or with the help of a greenhouse

An auto-flowering plant can require more light during the flowering part of the cycle so could cost more electricity in comparison with a photoperiod strain

Autoflowers tend to be more resistant to stress from light disruption during the their dark periods

Most good autoflower strains on the market are cross bred with indicas and sativas or a varied mixture that are stabilized

The best autoflowers have the potential of producing photoperiod sized buds while maintaining its ruderalis flowering capabilities in longer spells of light

Auto hybrids contain higher percentages of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG etccannabinoids than ordinary ruderalis

The ruderalis was initially deemed as useless until recent years when breeders began to see the potential of a cannabis plant that wasn’t photosensitive

Final Notes & Recommendations

Seeds marked as “Regular” contain a mixture of both male and female seeds

Regular” seeds are not ideal for producing quality buds as you will need to separate the males (once identified) from the females before pollination can occur, often it can be too late

Seeds marked as “Female“, “Feminized” or “FEM” are (obviously) female and are exactly what you want if you’re growing cannabis to produce medicine or quality buds to vaporize/smoke

When you’re buying cannabis seeds from most stockists they will be the photoperiod type, unless marked autoflowering, , automatic, auto or autofem – meaning automatic & feminized

You should buy from a reputable seed vendor to ensure you get the highest quality of seed

Remember whether you decide on growing auto indica/sativa hybrids, pure indicas, sativas that take the longest to flower or mixture remember to buy feminized seeds for potent flowers

For high quality seeds we recommend

Most good seed retailors package their seed deliveries stealthily so are not identifiable if this is a concern for you

Choosing the right seed should depend on your needs and meet your capabilities

A stabilized strain means that when you buy your seeds they won’t be all different shapes and sizes

Seedsman have a huge selection of stable seed strains from all major brands and niche breeders too

Many people get in touch looking for seeds with a good CBD content if you’re the same then check out our 5 TOP CBD Strains

5 TOP CBD Strains

SeedsHappy Growing 🙂


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