Cannabis Lawyer Shares His Thoughts

Cannabis Business need Lawyers, But How Can You Build A Cannabis Focused Legal Practise ?

Ryan Espegard is a Lawyer who specializes in cannabis law and mainly works with industry clients who need legal business representation. Ryan discusses his experiences with Stephanie Francis Ward from the ABA Journal, explaining the various challenges he has overcome and new ones he faces by representing people from the cannabis community.

The continued conflict between federal and state law puts the cannabis community in a vulnerable grey area and while some firms openly refuse to give legal aide to cannabis traders Ryan is the opposite. The ‘cannabis lawyer’ has a positive attitude towards a legal market and admits his appreciation for the entrepreneurship within the cannabis industry.

Ryan Espegard

Ryan Espegard

Ryan Espegard

Ryan Espegard is a senior associate with Seattle’s  Gordon Thomas Honeywell.  A litigator who handles land use and regulation matters, much of his work centers on advising businesses involved in Washington state’s cannabis industry.