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Why Does The Mars One Project Need A Stoner ?

The Mars One Project is down to 100 people, I have a few suggestions for next years  selections.


Why not have an experienced stoner to grow and maintain cannabis on Mars? Cannabis is probably the most beneficial herb/medicine on our planet. Cannabis is probably the most human like plant on earth and the most planet friendly.

The cannabis plant has tons of beneficial uses that are restricted for a lot of us here on EARTH…

Weed isn’t legalized on Mars but it isn’t illegal either so why shouldn’t our representation be growing the finest herbs and maintain maximum health. Cannabis should be the most stocked seed going to Mars. Any seed bank out there should now be contacting the Mars One Project to offer the seeds. This would be a gigantic marketing scheme…Imagine having your seeds be the first cannabis seeds grown on Mars. Its highly unlikely that The Mars One Project will accept them though, or who knows…

I actually had an idea a few years ago for a funny story about growing weed in space when I was frustrated with silly drug laws that prevent growing. Technology had to catch up though  but I imagined having big shipping containers orbit the Earth with glass sides to catch sunlight for solar power and use the natural light cycle for seasonal harvesting…It was a short and flawed piece of science fiction. Now cannabis crops growing on Mars could be a reality (Did I just type that….). I think cannabis will be our greatest commodity in space even though I haven’t tried any alien weed yet, but I’m willing to trade if any aliens are reading. On a seriously silly side note: if aliens show up and want to trade….you think that they’re gonna want our carrot seeds? I think not! I bet they have way better carrots. I’ve seen the pictures…I know what they want…

I’ve had a read through the mars-one page, I’ve placed my thoughts under each paragraph explaining why I think cannabis and a stoner are the perfect candidates for Mars:

Years Of Training

“In addition to the expertise and work experience they must already possess, they have to learn quite a few new skills physical and electrical repairs to the settlement structures, cultivating crops in confined spaces, and addressing both routine and serious medical issues such as dental upkeep, muscle tears and bone fractures.
A good ganja farmer knows their electrical set-up better than their mother’s birthday and the required labour for their garden, enthusiasm driven by an almost Dendrophiliac love (which is good since I hear there is to be no baby-making on Mars). Growing crops in confined spaces is a stoner’s specialty. A good grower will tell you how many grams of flower/bud they will produce per watt of light in a measured space…these are great qualities, no?

Journey To Mars

“This will not be easy. Showering with water will not be an option. Instead the astronauts make do with wet towelettes (wet wipes) as used by astronauts on the International Space Station.”
 “Freeze dried and canned food is the only option.”
For some stoner’s washing with baby wipes while eating freeze dried and canned foods WILL be easy…they do this anyway.

Life on Mars

“Within the settlement are inflatable components which contain bedrooms, working areas, a living room and a ‘plant production unit’, where they will grow greenery. They will also be able to shower as normal, prepare fresh food (that they themselves grew and harvested) in the kitchen, wear regular clothes, and, in essence, lead typical day-to-day lives.”

A stoners dream job would be to harvest food and herbs while helping mankind…again this is a no brainer!

Construction & Research

“The astronauts will research how their bodies respond and change when living in a 38% gravitational field, and how food crops and other plants grow in hydroponic plant production units.”

Most growers would say their middle name was ‘Hydro’ Bro!

Reports From Mars

“The astronauts will not only submit routine reports, but will also share all that they enjoy and find challenging. It will give the people on Earth a unique and personal insight view of life on Mars. They could answer intriguing questions like: What is it like to walk on Mars? How do you feel about your fellow astronauts after a year? What is it like living in the reduced Mars’ gravity? What is your favorite food? Do you enjoy the sunsets on Mars?”

A stoner will give you the most colorful and insightful answers. A stoner is wayyyy more likely to keep the peace with harmonizing vibes. I mean who doesn’t want a weed inspired human to answer these questions from Mars? We want real people on this mission…real people who blaze…or vape (for health and safety man).

Future Expansion

“Eventually, a living unit will be built from local materials, large enough to grow trees. As more astronauts arrive, the creativity applied to settlement expansion will certainly give way to ideas and innovation that we cannot conceive now.”

What better plant to grow for materials than hemp with a grower who has mastered it? Hemp’s growing times and use of resources are minimal. Also a good stoner will have great engineering skills after years of making bongs out of junk.
 Some Questions For Mars One:
As silly as this sounds I’d like to know if there will there be written contracts or laws for Mars?
Are the laws decided before they leave?
Who decides these laws, the contestants/astronauts or the project manager or some government?
Will there be prisons?
Will there be prisons for cannabis users?
Will someone profit from these prisons?

I’m Ranting now…

But seriously, mushroom spores survive the vacuum of space… cool to bring some just in case? or No?
If you reported ‘illegal’ drugs being  grown on Mars I’d bet the police would get there in less than your estimated 7 months-9months! Even though they have on occasion took longer to respond to actual crimes here on Earth…
Would you be up for this? For a laugh like?
what about paraphernalia? is it ok? cuz I have this Lava lamp Bong that would make such a Mars selfie?
Anywho, people at MarsOneProject You can buy some seeds here if you’re still looking for which ones to buy:
That is all!
If you want to find out more about the project or even contact them with suggestions ( of strains maybe? ) then go here:
Author can be found on Twiiter @NameSake420
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Oregon Police Want $5 Million to Spy on Dispensaries

When voters in Oregon agreed last year to banish prohibition and establish a legal framework for a statewide cannabis market, they had no idea that law enforcement was scheming to create a master plan aimed at squeezing pot dollars to spy on the state’s suppliers and vendors.

CopsFindPotPoseIt appears as though the same green-eyed monsters that once fought the battle against black market marijuana have decided to wage war against the state’s legal cannabis industry. Reports indicate that the Oregon State Police recently put in a request for a $3.9 million raise in their annual budget to supplement the already $1.3 million the state approved earlier this year, so that cops could keep an eye on legal weed.

Although state police officials have refused to comment on the reasoning behind their proposed $5 million budget to act as the state’s Bud Brother, there is speculation that these demands stem from an outcry by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, who have begged for the creation of “peace officers” to act as pot watchdogs similar to excise cops in the world of booze. Essentially, the state is asking for a department to be created to ensure weed is not being sold to minors and that businesses are paying their taxes.

There are some concerns, however, that establishing a supervisional program could potentially set the state’s legal home-growers up for unexpected shakedowns.

“You could potentially have a marijuana enforcement agent knocking on someone’s door to look at a home grow,” Senator Floyd Prozanski, who is part of the Senate Committee overseeing the cannabis trade, told Willamette Week. “I don’t think anyone on the committee would want them to have that broad of power.”

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Cannabis Cookies Debated By Supreme Court – Canada

Last month a batch of pot cookies made it to the Supreme Court of Canada.

marijuana-recipes-chocolate-chip-cookies-1Owen Smith was baking the fancier-than-average cookies in his Victoria, BC home for a marijuana compassionate club when the cops busted him. That was in 2009.

Six years later, after a hearing in March, the Supreme Court will rule on whether Smith was allowed to cook with cannabis extract. If he wins, it will mean medical marijuana users can sip weed tea or nibble cannabis cookies without fearing Health Canada’s wrath.

Last week I walked down to the compassionate club on Gottingen Street to find some edible eaters. As is typical for a Friday afternoon at the Farm Assists Cannabis Resource Centre, the lounge in the back of the shop was filled with chilled-out patients hitting the vaporizers hard. A friendly dog wandered from person to person, having the time of his life.

“Edibles have been around since the dawn of basically weed,” said one fellow when I ask him about consuming cannabis. But these days, edibles are getting a bad rap with Health Canada because they’re easy to surreptitiously transport and consume, he explains. You might get a funny look if you’re smoking a joint, but not if you’re eating a cookie.

Imagine a little old lady who busted her hip, he posits. If she has a cannabis license but she doesn’t want to smoke the stuff, what is she supposed to do?

“Can I interject?” another club member pipes up. “The reason it’s in the Supreme Court of Canada is because Health Canada said patients are only allowed to possess marijuana in flower form, and the second you remove it from the dried bud flower state, it becomes an extract, which is illegal.

“So the little old lady he was just talking about, if she wants to make marijuana tea, she’s now breaking the law. If you want to make cookies, you’re breaking the law.”

Full Story
By Hilary Beaumont

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Head Of DEA Resigns

DEA - Drugs are bad mmm'Kay

The government announced Tuesday that Michele Leonhart, the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, will soon be leaving, and only the potheads of America have reason to grieve. She has had an uncomfortable ride, bucking the Obama administration by relaxing enforcement of federal narcotics law in states where marijuana has become legal in state law. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington no longer prohibit marijuana under certain circumstances. Neither does the District of Columbia.

Dea-Drugs-r-bad-mmmkayBut it’s sex, not pot, that brought her to grief, specifically the reckless behavior of certain DEA agents on her watch. She had to answer questions from Congress last week about certain agents’ “sex parties” in Colombia, with prostitutes furnished by local drug cartels. Some parties preceded her watch, dating from 2001. Sex, apparently, is a great persuader. (Who knew?) “This new internal report describes not one or two isolated incidents,” says Rep. Elijah Cummings, Maryland Democrat, “but literally dozens of parties with prostitutes.”

A report, filed by the Justice Department inspector general, says it found that “the ‘sex parties’ occurred in government-leased quarters where agents’ laptops, BlackBerry devices, and other government-issued equipment were present [and] created potential security risks for the DEA and for the agents who participated in the parties, potentially exposing them to extortion, blackmail, or coercion.” She suffered a vote of “no confidence” from the House Oversight and Government Reforms Committee.

A plagued tenure has dogged Ms. Leonhart for a long time. A year ago, after the DEA seized seeds bound for a Kentucky hemp research program that had been approved by Congress, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, called the incident “an outrage.” The Kentucky state Agriculture Department sued the DEA.

Since her watch began in 2008, the Justice Department’s inspector general has investigated the DEA’s involvement in the massacre of civilians in Honduras, the use of NSA data to spy on Americans, the use of ineffective confidential informants and the hiring of one informant with a history of telling lies. She testified to Congress against a bipartisan drug sentencing reform that was supported by the Obama administration.

Full Story

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Minnesota Marijuana Companies Raise $30M

marijuana industry investment


The two companies selected to grow and dispense medical cannabis in Minnesota have raised a combined $30 million in investments – an unprecedented amount for startups in a new MMJ market.

marijuana industry investmentEarlier this week, Minnesota Medical Solutions (also known as MinnMed) announced that it has secured $16.6 million in capital in capital ahead of its opening. Most of the backing came from in-state investors, CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

“There was pretty dramatic support,” Kingsley told the paper.

The news comes a few months after LeafLine Labs, the other company that received a cannabis business license in Minnesota, revealed that it landed $12.4 million in equity financing.

Both companies are on track to open July 1.

MinnMed plans to use its investment money to fund scientific initiatives and bolster its business plan, the Journal reported. The company has already inked deals for dispensaries in Minneapolis, Moorhead and Rochester, and is working on its fourth dispensary in Eden Prairie.

LeafLine Labs previously said it will use the money to build out its cultivation facility and open its first dispensary.

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Republic of Ireland Consider Cannabis Decriminalisation

Ireland cannabis

By Sarah Bardon

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin is to examine the possible decriminalisation of cannabis in his new role as Minister of State with Responsibility for the Drug Strategy.

Ireland cannabisThe Labour TD’s new position was confirmed in the Dáil on Thursday by Tanaiste Joan Burton.

He said his first task will be to examine the National Drugs Strategy which expires next year.

Mr Ó Ríordáin said he is willing to examine to the potential relaxation of the laws.

He said: “I believe someone who has an addiction issue should be dealt with through the health system and not the criminal justice system.

“I think people – guards, the prison service – will probably agree with me on that. We have an opportunity through the legislation that is forthcoming the Misuse of Drugs Act to investigate that.

“I am going to mark any hard calls on that but the difference between decriminalisation and legalisation is quite different.

“We need to have a proper discussion before we set up alarm bells in people’s heads.”

Mr Ó Ríordáin said he had tried drugs once in Amsterdam as a student but had not taken any illegal drugs.

He said: “I have seen the effects of drugs in my teaching life and in my community activism as it were as a public representative.

“When you see what drugs does, it has stolen generations and you see the effect it has on children.

“It passes on dysfunction and it passes on a huge amount of problems that children have for the rest of their lives.

“My own personal decision never to have taken illegal drugs was fuelled by my experiences in the classroom.”

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Police Officer Dealt Marijuana He Kept In Storage

By Henry K. Lee
April 24, 2015

A San Jose police officer was charged with dealing marijuana that he kept in a storage facility, authorities said Friday.

9927458-largeOfficer Son Vu, 44, was scheduled to appear Friday afternoon in Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose on charges of possession with intent to sell and maintaining an illegal stash location. Vu was arrested Thursday and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

The 21-year department veteran has been on paid administrative leave since his initial arrest in June 2014.

The investigation began on the afternoon of June 3, 2014, when police were called to a storage facility on Tully Road by the company’s owner, who cut the locks on a storage space because the renter was delinquent. Officers found more than 12 pounds of marijuana and grow lights, authorities said.

Police determined Vu had rented the space, authorities said. Investigators found $5,700 in Vu’s personal car and a thumb drive that contained a file with information on police calls related to marijuana grow houses, prosecutors said.

“We will not tolerate such conduct, especially criminal conduct, and we will hold those responsible for their actions,” San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel said in a statement when the case came to light.

“It is deeply disappointing that an officer sworn to uphold the law would so brazenly break it,” said Patrick Vanier, the supervising deputy district attorney who oversees the narcotics unit. “This office and the San Jose Police Department stand together against illegal drug dealing in our community, no matter who the dealer is.”

Vu is the third San Jose police officer to be accused of criminal misconduct in recent years.