Release CBD Capsules – Turmeric, Black Pepper, Hemp & Coconut Oil Infusion


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Release CBD Capsules

Release CBD Capsules contain 20mg of CBD per capsule with CBD Turmeric, Black Pepper and Hemp infused in coconut oil

60 Capsules in total

Turmeric contains the well-known Curcuminoid, Curcumin. It is a well-known spice from India commonly used in curries.

Although many people have found this spice beneficial to health, research studies have found curcumin to have poor
bioavailablity across the blood brain barrier.

However research performed in humans showed that administering Piperine with Curcumin produced a 2000% increase in bioavailability in Curcumin. That combined with the powerful infusion of coconut, the black peppers Capricin and CBD oils from hemp, make for an amazing way to subside anxiety and insomnia

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