I Love Growing Marijuana

Based in Amsterdam ILGM was founded by Robert Bergman – who has 25 years experience growing cannabis. ILGM has a reputation for knowledge and having some of the highest quality seeds in the business

Original Sensible – The Original Seeds Store

Sensible Seeds and Sensible Light Systems were established in South Wales in 1992. At the time, hybrid seeds and early hydroponic equiptment was only available in Amsterdam. We were excited by what we saw emerging there and decided to take it back to the UK with us.

Within a short time our work on the pioneering, hybrid ( Skunk ) generation of cannabis seeds and the emerging Hydroponic method of plant cultivation meant that the quality of products and the efficiency of the equipment that we were producing was ground breaking.

Today, we trade as the Original Sensible – The Original Seeds Store, as during our absence, unfortunately the Sensible Seeds name was adopted by someone else ( no relation to us).

Trading from our modern office suites and distribution centre in Spain for the last 10 years, we continue to push the envelope with our seedbank, as well as our hugely popular seed brand – Original Sensible Seeds “

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