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Anti Depresants – Legalize (Official Video)

Anti Depresants - Legalize

Northern Irish band Anti Depresants latest single – Legalize. Hailing from Armagh The band is made up of:
Lazer McCann-Lead & backing vocals
Ringo – Lead guitar & lead vocals
Caitlin – Rhythm guitar & backing vocals
Emmet – Bass guitar
Jenny – Drums
“Here for a good time, not a long time, so, get up an’ dance.” – Anti Depresants

You can follow the band at Anti Depresants Official Facebook Page & check out previous tracks over on their bandcamp page

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Anti Depresants - Legalize
Anti Depresants – Legalize

Video by Patrick Hughes
Recorded by Mick Hendron
Mixed by Liam Woods

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Music: The Hempolics – Me Love To Sing

The Hempolics are out to put those organic rootsy vibes back into electronic music and bring something altogether different to the table…

The Hempolics new single Me Love To Sing is an anthemic dedication to soundsystem culture that is sure to strike a chord with the wider public and anyone who loves to sing. The Hempolics crewmash fat radio-friendly hooks with the rough and tough lyrical skills of vocalist Dandelion to create a tune that will have old and new soundsystem fiends grinning and singing with pride. Turn it over one time, flip it to the B-side and you’ll hear The Hempolics hypermix which promises to bring out the skank in every music lover. A remix of Me Love To sing by Mungo’s Hi Fi was released last year on Scotch Bonnet Records and with the 7” sold out and in high demand this release has been keenly anticipated. Ignore The Hempolics at your peril, with airplay from Rodigan and Don Letts they are taking UK reggae to the next level with a modern yet somehow backward looking sound.

“The Hempolics are The best band in The UK – but nobody knows it yet…” ‐ Maxi Jazz (Faithless)

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Music: 7 Stoner Classics – From Jazz to Techno

If like me you love music and you love weed ( why else would you be here on Weed Recommend ) you’ll probably have heard some of these classics. Some caused more controversy than others but that was more to do with the time in history and greater public’s perception of cannabis use not the content in the lyrics. These a just a few of my own personal favourites, enjoy:

In 1932 Cab Calloway’s Jazz genius saw his song – “Reefer Man” reach number 11 in the charts that year. I’m guessing this was a scary image that Cab was painting in this song to some people back then, most likely those people were racists:

In 1968 David Peel & The Lower East Side released the cult classic track – “I like marijuana” – gotta love this one for sheer passion!

A remix of this called – “I wanna be a hippy” by Technohead went to number one, into the top ten, twenties and forties in countries across Europe in the summer of 1995

Obviously I must include the man who continues to influence us all decades after his untimely death. Mr Robert Nesta Marley, better known as Bob Marley. I’m picking this track because it’s my favourite track by saint Bob and because it reminds of my youth.

Dr. Dre’s – “Kush” released in 2010 featuring snoop dogg and good guy Akon didn’t shock anyone who hasnt been under a rock for the last 20 years. It was an unapologetic ode to our favourite herb…nothing unexpected here then. I’ve picked this video because I love the cinematography in it. Its like a fuckin’ sci-fi movie guys…

Afroman released – “Because I got High” in 2001 and we all giggled but later we realized it re-inforced some of those silly misconceptions about weed. However in 2014 he rectified this with a positive remix of his original hit to counter any stigma still attached to weed smoking.

I’m gonna leave you with Cypress Hill’s – “Hits from the bong” from their 1993 album Black Sunday because it sample’s another song I love and plus it’s freakin’ awesome… if you haven’t lit up during any of these songs then maybe you’re not a stoner guy!

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Illegal Weed Dealer says “F**K Your Weed Shop”

Some weed dealers out there don’t want legalized weed as this affects their income with competition driving down the price while driving up the quality. One artist by the name of Skimp Killah has encapsulated what it must be like for an illegal dealer (a dying breed) in this hilarious song called – Eff Your Weed Shop

This song perfectly illustrates how the government’s “war on drugs” hasn’t been working and only perpetuates a crime culture just like when the prohibition of alcohol spawned criminal gangs and helped fund them. Ending prohibition cut off a large supply of money to groups like the Mafia.

Here are the lyrics to the song incase you’d like to sing along :

I’m just dealing big old bud, doing what I do
But then these crazy laws they came along, fucked up my groove
See there once was this thing called prohibition tax
And that’s how lttle old Skimp Killa made off those weed sacks
But now they sell it at stores
And driving to my house is a chore
Plus I’m working til four
And it’s noon

So fuck you and your weed shops colorado
I said fuck you and your weed shops colorado
Fuck you and your weed shops colorado
I said fuck you and your weed shops colorado

Now I don’t believe in god but every night I pray
That Mister Barrack Obama brings in the DEA
And he does the right thing and slams shut all those doors
Cuz I can’t make no money tryin’ to compete with weed stores
So think about the guy whose got a nickel and Dime
And you can’t make no money if selling weeds not a crime

So fuck you and your weed shops colorado
I said fuck you and your weed shops colorado
Fuck you and your weed shops colorado
I said fuck you and your weed shops colorado

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Grandpa Rapper Smokes Weed For Glaucoma

Bitcoin the rapper is the coolest old timer on the block. Taking his name from the crypto-currency, Bitcoin is preaching the medicinal benefits of cannabis in this aptly named track – Smoke For My Glaucoma.

One of his opening lines “I smoke for my Glaucoma, like every single day. They say a packed bowl or two keeps the doctor away” sets the theme of the song and we love it.

Speaking more truth in his lyrics than a lot of these young rappers – Bitcoin proclaims “Weed cures Glaucoma, I’m medical proof, cures cancer pain, the mentally insane… And that’s the fuckin’ TRUTH!” and its our favourite line of the track.

While he thanks Obama for Obamacare he calls for legalization across the board “We need to legalize it, lega-fuckin-lize it, We need to legalize it all across the nation…”

His simple rhymes are good for your health. Rappers beware – Bitcoin is gunning for your spot.