Cannabis Café Opens In UK

25 April 2015

The café, located in a flat, offers a meal deal of a cannabis cigarette, coffee and food to people who wish to come and smoke with others.

cannabis-cafeA cannabis ‘café and hotel’ has been opened in the urban area of Guildford to try to promote the ‘benefits’ of the class B drug which many think should be legalised.

The café owner set up the business in a bid to educate people on the medicinal properties of cannabis and also try to get himself off benefits by providing a new income.

The café is located in the flat he is a tenant of and provides refreshments, full dinners, and a varying meal deal offer which includes a cannabis cigarette, coffee, and a meal, to people who wish to come and smoke with others.

A price list ranging from teas and coffees to an overnight stay encourages people to smoke in what the owner describes as a safe and educated environment.

“We only have two rules and that is there is no use of other harder drugs and also that we do not disturb or annoy the neighbours,” the owner said.

“Many people who have visited are using medicinally to deal with pain or to overcome other drug addictions.

“It promotes an appetite so many people who would go without food due to health issues or stress can come here and know they can have a home cooked meal.

“It is a social place of smokers and tokers. I would say the age limit is 16 for people who want to come but I think younger people should be opened up to the benefits of cannabis and how it can actually help people.”

‘Raising awareness’

The café’s receptionist is a 17-year-old girl who moved into the property when she found herself homeless and with only a family friend to turn to.

“I wouldn’t know what I would do without this place, I would probably have ended up in the YMCA,” the receptionist said.

“Everyone who comes here we know or know of so they are nice people who all just have smoking in common.

“It helps people because it helped me and I think raising awareness will help people who use drugs and also those who do not.”

Despite being threatened with eviction from Guildford Borough Council and ongoing enquiries by the police, the café owner said the café will continue as long as he can keep it going for.

A spokesman for the police, said: “This matter has been brought to our attention and we are in the process of carrying out further enquiries.”

The Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol party launched in February and Gerri Smyth is standing as the parliamentary candidate in Guildford.

Gerri Smyth said her new election slogan is ‘prohibition punishes the poor’ and believes any prosecution or eviction of the café owner will be evidence of this.

“I will push hard to ensure he is not homeless and that those with a lot of money, for example Richard Branson, who can talk publicly about sharing a spliff with his son with no comeback, are engaged if this man is threatened with eviction.”