Cannabis Friendly Cinema Is A Perfect Marriage

A spoof article published in January 2014 duped many websites into publishing that a cinema in Colorado was to open a theatre that permits cannabis use. It claimed that residents from Denver, overwhelmingly requested a movie hotbox designated in the movie complex. It further claimed movie goers would have the choice of the usual cinema treats or pizza and hostess twinkies which had been added to the menu thanks to the cannabis enthusiasts. Even though it was complete satire, this fictitious article is an example of how the legal cannabis industry would help other industries.

In an world where life imitates art there was a crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo to open a cannabis friendly movie theatre shortly after the article and is open for business. The Scarlett Lounge promises a classy experience.

“After a long drive through Colorado, you’ll need a break to stretch your legs, and we encourage you to watch a great movie in our comfortable theater, eat a world-class meal in the theater or our restaurant, or smoke a joint in our cannabis lounge.”  –

Its no secret that weed smoking and watching movies are a great combination so this would probably be just a natural progression for the cannabis industry. Heres a list of Ten Top Stoner Movies that the “Pot Palladium” could show for a 4.20 matinée.

Are There Any Stoner Movies Not On here That You’d Recommend?