Council votes 5-0 for outdoor cannabis

Davis residents may get to try out their green thumbs in a matter of months, as the Davis City Council unanimously approved an outdoor cannabis cultivation ordinance Tuesday night.

The vote marks the city’s latest step toward crafting local cannabis policy after Californians overwhelmingly approved Proposition 64 in November. An ordinance on cannabis manufacturing and testing businesses, as well as policies for medical and recreational dispensaries, are still in the works.

The second and final reading of the outdoor cultivation ordinance is expected to go before the council on April 18, and the new policy could take effect by May 18. 

The new outdoor cultivation policy is similar to state law, allowing households to grow a maximum of six plants in their back yards. Davis’ ordinance, however, requires residents to keep their plants behind a solid or opaque fence and restricts the height of plants to 6 feet or the fence line, whichever is shorter.

Davis residents growing cannabis also will be required to keep their plants 5 feet away from the property line. Outdoor cultivation is restricted to adults over 21, and landlords retain the right to prohibit cultivation on their property.

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