DEA Making Fools Of Themselves – Compilation

Here is a great Compilation of the DEA making complete fools of themselves.

These clips focus on the ridiculousness of the United States’ cannabis laws. Featuring the now infamous clip of DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart.

Michelle reveals herself as clueless and almost child like when challenged on the DEA’s counter productive position. Congressmen Earl Blumenauer & Steve Cohen challenge Mr. Botticelli & Officer Leonhart on the Department’s inability to answer simple drug questions like :

“Is Meth More Dangerous Than Marijuana?”


“What Kills More People, Tobacco or Marijuana?

The hilariousness of this video can be attributed to Michelle Leonhart’s cartoon performance. Its also a scary reminder of the mentality within the police & DEA departments. So Remember guys, the next time you hear an infinite loop of stupiness like- ‘Drugs are bad mmm’kay…..cuz they’re bad and if ya do drugs you’re bad…cuz drugs are bad…” then definitely point your finger and laugh but also use the opportunity to reveal the greater harm prohibition causes, like these two Legends have – Congressmen Earl Blumenauer & Steve Cohen. We take our hats off to you good gentlemen.