Is Legalization Good News For Home Owners ?

Home owners have seen their house prices climb 15% since cannabis was legalised in Denver and are set to go up another 6% if predictions for the local property market are correct. A managing partner of a local real estate firm, James Paine stated “There has been a huge bump in real estate prices due to the legalization of marijuana”.

The green rush isn’t only creating jobs in the Cannabis sector as local electricians, plumbers, security experts and more are getting work from the new industry. “Electricians have grown from mom and pops to big-time electric companies,” said J.P. Speers, a real estate agent in the area.

The tech industry is said to be thriving as workers flock to Denver and surrounding areas. “It’s fairly affordable, at least for now,” said Kelly Moye, another real estate agent who has worked in Denver for over two decades. “The quality of life is great and employers are bringing their employees here.”

Lower crime and better health also play into the mix as people looking for higher qualities of life (no pun intended) are willing to pay extra for the properties. Speaking on peoples reasons for moving to Denver “A lot of them try to hide it,” said Speers. “They don’t necessarily say they are coming out to be part of the marijuana industry.”. Spears also helped a mother who needed a rental property so she could access and treat her daughter with legal cannabis.

Quotes source CNN