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As the outdoor growing season comes to an end it is time to begin indoor grows. Our team has collected the top seeds that will be perfect for growing indoors through the winter season. The collection below has strains that are ideal for all growers from the most experienced to first time growers who are just learning. Click on any picture or link to find out more
Maui Wowie
Growing Maui Wowie generally requires environmental conditions similar to that of the great Hawaiian Island. However, with some tweaks and maintenance, these cannabis plants can thrive indoors as well. It contains 20% indica and 80% sativa. And, it’s quite powerful with a THC content of 20%. Thanks to its CBD level, it also carries some effective medical uses as well.
Sour Diesel
Do you look for strains that boost your mood, energy level, and deliver a loose relaxation that doesn’t maroon you on the couch? Then you’ll love Sour Diesel! It has a heavy euphoric feel that translates into ongoing energy that boosts your mood and mind.
Today, Blueberry is one of the most purchased strains of cannabis on the medical marijuana market. It’s the recipient of the best indica of the year award from the High Times Cannabis Cup. The blueberry flavor makes it pleasing to the tongue, and the high lasts for quite a while.
Jack Herer
Jack Herer is very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. When cultivated indoors, the flowering period is very short. Your crop will be ready to harvest in about 8-10 weeks. It will yield about 18 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.
Amnesia Haze
Those who use Amnesia Haze enjoy a happy high, with a slight light-headed euphoria. However, there’s no absence of productiveness, as this strain brings out the creativity in users. You’ll feel both uplifted and relaxed at the same time, while feeling excited… like you’re floating on the clouds. It has been measured with THC levels up to 21%.
Northern Lights
You looking for an easy growing plant that produces enjoyable and long-lasting highs that settle in right away? You are going to love Northern Lights! This strain is what we call ‘word of mouth’ famous. If you’ve heard of any one strain, it’s usually Northern Lights – and for good reason. Its buds drip with resin, it has a short flowering phase, and growers at every level love it!
Gold Leaf
If you are looking for fast relief from stress, pain, or appetite issues – you are going to love the Gold Leaf strain. It works quickly to boost your mood and relax your body without leaving you locked on the couch. It also responds positively for people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or constant chronic pain.