Raw Vegan Organic De-Shelled Hemp Seeds

I eat hemp seed everyday in nearly all of my meals (mostly smoothies)  as part of a vegetarian diet. I started eating hemp seeds after I read all the different benefits you get from a whole spectrum of nutrient within it. We recommend the 1.5 kg bag of the deshelled organic hemp seeds by Sevenhills Wholefoods over on Amazon as it offers the best value for money.

After five years of daily consumption of hemp I can honestly say I feel great. I usually describe to people that I feel like Popeye after spinach after I’ve had a good feed of hemp. I remember after eating it for the first time I felt like it was exactly what my body had been craving. “De-shelled” or “Shelled” means the outer husks of the seed have been removed, leaving just the nutritious inner pulp. Hemp seed has such a light flavour that it can go with almost any kind of meal…savoury or sweet!

Organic Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds. Hemp, or Cannabis sativa, is a plant which grows naturally in many temperate climates across the globe. One of the oldest plants in the world, this remarkable superfood has been harnessed by a variety of cultures, including ancient Indians of Central America, for an assortment of uses. Recently the seed has gained a reputation as a remarkable super food, not only full of rich, nutty flavour, but also for its diverse range of nutrients.

Sevenhills Wholefoods’ organic raw shelled hemp seeds contain essential amino acids in a ratio closer to meat and eggs than other seeds, and in much more nutritionally significant amounts. Hemp seeds contain essential fatty-acids, with an ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. The seeds also naturally contain minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, which are known to be essential for proper red-blood cell formation, healthy oxygen transit and maintaining an efficiently-functioning immune system.

Recommended use: a versatile food which can be used in a variety of ways. Sprinkle seeds on salads, use as a baking ingredient, incorporate into breakfast cereals or add to smoothies. ” – Sevenhills Wholefoods