Study says: Don’t Smoke – Vaporize

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has published their findings on vaporized cannabis. It concludes that the practise hugely reduces the risks associated with smoking.

Burning cannabis gives out carcinogens and other respiratory irritants that cause problems for smokers. Problems such as the symptoms of Bronchitis can occur like wheezing, coughing and tightness in the lungs.

“The vaporizer raises cannabinoid levels in humans but does not raise exhaled CO (carbon monoxide) levels,” researchers went on to say  “The majority of studies suggest that vaporizers adequately reduce risk of pulmonary symptoms.”

The study also found higher concentrations of cannabinoids in vaporized cannabis over smoked or burned plant material. The article states that Cannabinoids are ‘overwhelmingly’ present in the gas of vaporized cannabis.

The study also mentions Cannabis edibles (usually more potent than smoking or vaporizing) as a way of administering the medicine. Ingested cannabis can take a long time to reach a persons bloodstream meaning vaporizing is superior at rapid relief, taking to user just seconds to feel the effects.

The study also suggests that “increasing potency to increase safety” could work.  By having the patient/user inhale stronger cannabis could cut down on the number of inhalations needed to reach relief.

A notable mention and acknowledgement in the publication was “cannabis actually served as an Asthma treatment in the 1800’s and, perhaps, in ancient times.”

So to summarize:  be wise, Vaporize!

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