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What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? (2011 Documentary)

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2011 Recommended Documentary

This documentary is filled with great information for those people who are just learning about cannabis

“Using original and archival footage,”WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER” presents highly convincing evidence that this forbidden herb has healing properties beyond any other plant on the planet— interacting as it does with the body’s own “endocannabinoid system” to keep us fit and disease-free. “WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER” explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the “endocannabinoids” inside us—along with any cannabinoids we ingest—fit together like a key in a lock, thereby promoting the death of cancer cells without harming the body’s healthy cells. A powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis—and perhaps even the future of medicine. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor, PETER COYOTE.

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer - 2011 Recommended Documentary Back
What If Cannabis Cured Cancer – 2011 Recommended Documentary Back

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FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST “I recommend an excellent documentary film, ‘WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER,” by Len Richmond, which summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana. Most medical doctors are not aware of this information and its implications for cancer prevention and treatment.”- ANDREW WEIL, M.D.”

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DOCUMENTARY: Cannabis: A Lost History

Cannabis - A lost History Documentary

This documentary explores the longstanding relationship of human beings and cannabis, from its use in ancient Asia to its ban in 20th century America

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Written, narrated, and directed by Chris Rice, the director of “DMT: A Lost History”

Music by Chris Rice except “Grandma’s Grapes” By Green Warp.

For more information on the sacramental history of cannabis check out the works of Chris Bennet here:…

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New Sensi Seeds Icon sativa strain Michka®

By Sensi Seeds

“Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, or simply Michka, is widely known as the ‘Grande Dame of cannabis’, a honorary title given to her by the cannabis community.

Sensi Seeds has a tradition of releasing strains in honour of those who have played an important role the world of cannabis. Jack Herer, Ed Rosental, Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) and Eagle Bill are but a few. This year, we will honour Michka in recognition for her life’s work as one of the first cannabis pioneers.

Michka says she ‘hates herbs that fog up my mind’, that is why the Michka® strain that bears her name favours a strong citrus-scent and a ‘very clear stimulating effect, one conducive to creativity’. Michka® is for connoisseurs, and available at an incredibly accessible €21 or £18.78


Watch this rare interview with activist, author, publisher and undisputed French Grande Dame of cannabis, Michka! CNN’s Steven Kompier sat down with her at the Cannabis University, a new feature of Cannabis Liberation Day for this illuminating discussion about what the plant means to her.

In this interview Michka Seeliger – Chatelain speaks about her excitement at the current global cannabis movement. Having been a campaigner for the freedom to grow and use cannabis for over forty years, she acknowledges that although the shifts in legislation are not perfect, they are bringing us closer to the kind of world we want to live in. Michka has been a friend of Sensi Seeds for many years, and we are proud to publish this interview with her!

Michka has been a teacher, mentor and inspiration to countless people who have never met her, and possibly never even heard her speak, thanks to her prolific and informative books. She has written about multiple aspects of cannabis, from basic to expert cultivation, to spiritual use and esoteric meaning. Her books have been translated into at least ten languages. Her love of writing, and the topics she covers, led her to co-found Mama Editions. This renowned independent publishing house is now in its eighteenth year and currently offers fifty titles”

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Did Jesus Use Weed?

In the video below, popular youtube channel AllTime Conspiracies cover the hotly debated theory that Jesus used cannabis and that it was a main ingredient in the holy annointing oil. Some researchers claim this explains the reports of miracles performed by Jesus where he healed the sick

Related Watch: Kaneh Bosm: Hidden Ancient History – Cannabis, Holy Anointing Oil & The Old Testament

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Cannabis in India: India’s Holy Men

“I think people need to be educated to the fact that cannabis is not a drug. Cannabis is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?” (Willie Nelson / Musician, Writer, Actor, Activist)

The Cannabis News Network’s journey leads to a remote cave, far away from daily life. Here they meet their Sadhu, or Baba.
A GODLY place!

A quest, to seek out why cannabis is considered a sacred plant and how it has been used, spiritually and medicinally.

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Kaneh Bosm: Hidden Ancient History – Cannabis, Holy Anointing Oil & The Old Testament

If you weren’t aware of the Ancient Cannabis Theory then be prepared to be blown away by this presentation…

Chris Bennett takes a look at the fascinating references to cannabis, under the Hebrew name ‘kaneh bosm’ (spelling – qoph nun he’ – bet shim mem) in the Old Testament text that have been suggested by anthropologist Sula Benet and other researchers, with interviews from Prof Carl Ruck, Dr. Ethan Russo, David Hillman PhD., as well as drug historians and authors Chris Conrad, Michael Horowitz, Martin Lee, and Michael Aldrich. Included is a discussion of the linguistics behind the theory as well as a look at the references in context of the Biblical story line and the use of cannabis by the surrounding cultures who influenced the Jewish cosmology, such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Canaanites and Scythians.

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Medical Marijuana: The Ultimate Disease Defeating Drug | Viki Vaurora | TED x Bangalore

Viki Vaurora talks about using Marijuana as the ultimate disease defeating drug at TED x Bangalore. Viki also explores how hemp ( cannabis / bhang ) is embedded into Indian Hindu culture, why the west helped the demise of the hemp industry and why we should be using it in our everyday lives for medical, societal, cultural, spiritual, industrial and nutritional reasons. Its a brief presentation that is definitely worth less than 8 minutes of your time, check it out…

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Did You Know There Is A God Of Cannabis?

“Smoking weed is religious!? Cannabis has played a vital role in religious ceremonies since 1500 BCE”

“The Lord of Bhang (cannabis) is one of many titles given to the Hindu deity Shiva, and it’s said that he discovered the amazing properties of cannabis while meditating amidst a stand of ganja plants. Of all the gods, Shiva is most frequently seen to enjoy cannabis in all its forms and many of his devotees imbibe hashish as a sacrament”

Credit: Seeker Network & Channel 420

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Why Marijuana is illegal ? – Epic Joe Rogan Rant

This is an epic compilation video of Joe Rogan explaining (and passionately ranting in parts) why the cannabis plant is illegal.

It helps connect some of the dots you may be missing in the complexity of the so called ‘war on drugs’ – which is really a war on people…mostly poor people. The video is accompanied by a nice background track and some simple but effective images that really helps drive Joe’s points home…The ‘war on drugs’ is the cause of the real harm but is kept in it’s perpetual state to profit a small number of already extremely rich people…

Source: Youtube Channel MjacobBarker