New Sensi Seeds Icon sativa strain Michka®

By Sensi Seeds

“Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, or simply Michka, is widely known as the ‘Grande Dame of cannabis’, a honorary title given to her by the cannabis community.

Sensi Seeds has a tradition of releasing strains in honour of those who have played an important role the world of cannabis. Jack Herer, Ed Rosental, Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) and Eagle Bill are but a few. This year, we will honour Michka in recognition for her life’s work as one of the first cannabis pioneers.

Michka says she ‘hates herbs that fog up my mind’, that is why the Michka® strain that bears her name favours a strong citrus-scent and a ‘very clear stimulating effect, one conducive to creativity’. Michka® is for connoisseurs, and available at an incredibly accessible €21 or £18.78


Watch this rare interview with activist, author, publisher and undisputed French Grande Dame of cannabis, Michka! CNN’s Steven Kompier sat down with her at the Cannabis University, a new feature of Cannabis Liberation Day for this illuminating discussion about what the plant means to her.

In this interview Michka Seeliger – Chatelain speaks about her excitement at the current global cannabis movement. Having been a campaigner for the freedom to grow and use cannabis for over forty years, she acknowledges that although the shifts in legislation are not perfect, they are bringing us closer to the kind of world we want to live in. Michka has been a friend of Sensi Seeds for many years, and we are proud to publish this interview with her!

Michka has been a teacher, mentor and inspiration to countless people who have never met her, and possibly never even heard her speak, thanks to her prolific and informative books. She has written about multiple aspects of cannabis, from basic to expert cultivation, to spiritual use and esoteric meaning. Her books have been translated into at least ten languages. Her love of writing, and the topics she covers, led her to co-found Mama Editions. This renowned independent publishing house is now in its eighteenth year and currently offers fifty titles”