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Cannabis Is Curing My Cancer & Now I Want It Legalised

“Joy Smith was diagnosed in July 2016 with ovarian cancer. In August 2017 she was given six weeks to live after it was discovered that the cancer has spread to her stomach and bowel. But now she’s in remission and claims cannabis oil cured her terminal disease. Research Consultant Matthew Atha explains why the research into cannabis oil has been so limited.”

Broadcast on 13/03/2018

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Sisters of the Valley – The Cannabis Nuns

Donning blue-jean skirts and makeshift habits, Sister Kate and Sister Darcy are orderless and self-proclaimed nuns who have been reverently growing and producing cannabis-based tonics and salves in their Merced operation known as the Sisters of the Valley. The Sisters say their non psychoactive products are imbued with healing intent, and their customers claim the “plant medicines” treat myriad ailments

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Setting Up Cannabis Social Clubs – Advice from Catalonia

Ever wondered how cannabis social clubs work?  The people from Catalonia have first hand experience of how! They organised themselves and pushed to make the region legally and socially tolerant of cannabis consumption. They successfully set up cannabis clubs and voluntarily started self-regulating after they realized the government wouldn’t do it for them. Below is some information on the inner workings of the cannabis club network in Spain, with lots of advice and food for thought from the activists

Some history:

  • In 2001 Catalan Cannabis Association were first to obtain a licence to grow cannabis for its members on the basis that some people cant grow plants because of medical reasons or living situation. The argument being that not all consumers have facilities or the capabilities to do so
  • Basque people got people together to teach themselves how to be self sufficient with cannabis cultivation
  • Rasquera – Villagers had a referendum and agreed to grow cannabis for themselves. This caused lots of new clubs to spring up even though the Rasquera model failed
  • Pulled resources in to grow crops as for members only (social model)
  • Selling to private – non members came later (commercial model)
  • Woman participation was extremely Important
  • Harnessed the energy of cannabis users and others with a magazine that featured their own information (latest research, studies, movements, gatherings, interviews, viewpoints, advertising and more) – Novelty free “souvenir cannabis seed” was selling point and changed a lot of perceptions
  • Got other businesses involved – Had Expos – Invited industry traders

Suggestions for speaking to Media/Public:

  • Deter media from raising social alarm when it isn’t needed
  • Stick to your point and control the conversation with clear facts with quotes/references
  • Avoid differentiating between medicinal user and recreational users as much as possible because it helps people understand that it’s a human rights issue
  • Talk less about cannabis or the cannabis plant and more about cannabinoids and the terpenes produced in trichomes. The pant is just the skeleton that produces the cannabinoids
  • Always try to quote your source ie; according to Dr. Gupta, Professor Nutt, Harvard study etc…
  • Promote cannabis growing equipment, paraphernalia, seeds etc for personal only

Legal adviser’s suggestions & thoughts:

  • Restricting Access is a key thing to get across to people, currently the law doesn’t do this as only I.D needed for teen to buy drugs is cash
  • Suicide isn’t a criminal offence because charging someone with homicide (or attempted ?) on themselves would be absurd. So protecting the public from themselves can’t be implemented or ever work
  • When someone has a bulk amount of drugs they usually distribute them between friends. Proven not guilty if the amount of drugs conflicts with the persons lifestyle (ie; they can’t afford all the drugs in their possession) and friends come forward to declare that they pooled their money, which costs the state/tax payer more money to charge each person with each individual offence. Pointless and has negative affect
  • When Spain decriminalised cannabis one of the aims was to have no needles or even roaches in the streets, forcing people to be more responsible in their own communities if and when using drugs. This has worked well.
  • The people who supported the no tolerance ‘war on drugs’ feared an immediate rise of people using drugs if they decriminalised drug use but this did not happen either
  • Doctors certificates for patients makes it easier to facilitate activities
  • Keep records – document stating where cannabis going , with names, amounts – protects club and memebrs
  • Police have accepted these clubs as legal
  • Self regulation served a purpose as a guarantee for politicians
  • Compassionate Cannabis Growing – compassionate giving isn’t a criminal offence
  • Offer the first club set up as a study group to local authorities if still facing fierce opposition
  • Working alongside city hall to avoid conflict *Was Important Part Of The Change*
  • Documents stating where cannabis going , with names, amounts
  • Daily routine helps normalize
  • More accepted (In a legal sense) if the club is not easily recognizable in the area. Has heavily secured door and cameras
  • Clubs can set own policies. Ie; constitution says 18 years old is legal but some clubs have set their minimum age to 21 years old
  • Clubs are Tax exempt because they’re Non-Profit entities
  • Accountancy, All expenses transparent
  • Employee wages taxed
  • Cannabis not taxed No VAT – Non Profit

Club Regulation:

  • Club starts with 3 people
  • Clubs can be as simple as a cannabis exchange. Members swapping strains
  • Members only grow for members – Social model
  • Advertising people’s own use is fine but not for business purposes
  • Clubs for residents only                                               – SOCIAL MODEL  
  • Tourists can use but advised to act responsibly      – COMMERCIAL MODEL
  • Establish Distances between clubs – zones
  • Delivery available to those in need – i.e; immobile/ ill
  • Getting a tax number makes it a legally recognised entity
  • Club Cards explain what you are doing to local people as well as function as club I.D
  • No growing goes on at the premises (cannabis club)
  • Members delegates grow
  • Growing only to consume
  • Moral responsibility to have all information available to members/consumers
  • No transport advice is given. Vulnerable to arrest in transporting of cannabis – grey area needs amended 
  • Integral regulation
  • Software used for running clubs are all different – No standard

Club sizes:     

  • Small  :             0 – 200  people
  • Medium :     300 – 600  people
  • Large  :         700 – 1000 + people

3 main separate areas in club:

  • Check-in room         –  Registration & check in
  • Distribution room   –  To obtain the cannabis
  • Social room              –  To consume the cannabis

No smoking in Check in room or Distribution due to workers rights*


CatFAC – Federation of Associations of Catalonia Cannabis was set up in 2012 by 8 cannabis clubs to help regulate and standardize the cannabis clubs to give the cannabis community better legal standing and to help facilitate a better alternative to the black market. Fighting for the rights of consumers and workers, CatFAC focuses on the legality of cannabis and practices associated

Anti-prohibitionists focused on pressuring/lobbying politicians (especially before election time), changing the social mindset and changing health policies so CatFAC helped in the organization of a people’s pushback

“The Federation of Associations of Catalonia Cannabis (CatFAC) is a grouping of associations formed by consumers of cannabis which collectively build a proposal for self-regulation in which partners are supplied in closed circles and profit . We all are previous users of cannabis, legal age or illness for which cannabis is considered a palliative of choice.

We develop our activities with homogeneous groups that make up the Federation Cannàbiques (FAC) statewide.

Through CatFAC, our platform action participate from all fronts to change current drug policies including the prohibition on public policies designed, owned and participatory with all stakeholders, to ensure the freedom of people choose their consumption with less risk and more, as well as health and coexistence in society in general.

Cannabis is our scope here but collaborate with other groups that seek to advance civil rights and welfare of citizens.” – CatFAC Website

3 tier system :

  • General assembly           – Meetings once a month for decision making
  • Technical Committee     – Meetings weekly to oversee general running of club
  • Representation               – Communication with public & media

Representation is in two separate parts that focus on different areas


  • Government
  • Parliamentary Group of the Parliament of Catalonia
  • Political parties
  • Councils

– Social Movement

  • Online engagement
  • Other cannabis federations
  • Movement cannabis Catalan
  • Responsible regulation
  • Guild Grows

CatFAC Organization Breakdown

  • Activism/ Activists    – For the organization of activists, events & demonstrations
  • Therapeutic              – At least one voluntary doctor *Very Important* for medical advice 
  • Audits                         – At least 1 per year – a normal procedure in any establishment
  • Cultivation                 – Monitors & analyses production & quality
  • Territory                    – Free advice service for potential clubs setting up (more clubs – more normal)
  • Women                      – Insuring equality of sexes in the industry
  • Lobbying                   – To work with but also pressure government, political parties & councils  
  • Networking               – Connecting with other social movements, building relationships with like minded groups
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New Sensi Seeds Icon sativa strain Michka®

By Sensi Seeds

“Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, or simply Michka, is widely known as the ‘Grande Dame of cannabis’, a honorary title given to her by the cannabis community.

Sensi Seeds has a tradition of releasing strains in honour of those who have played an important role the world of cannabis. Jack Herer, Ed Rosental, Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) and Eagle Bill are but a few. This year, we will honour Michka in recognition for her life’s work as one of the first cannabis pioneers.

Michka says she ‘hates herbs that fog up my mind’, that is why the Michka® strain that bears her name favours a strong citrus-scent and a ‘very clear stimulating effect, one conducive to creativity’. Michka® is for connoisseurs, and available at an incredibly accessible €21 or £18.78


Watch this rare interview with activist, author, publisher and undisputed French Grande Dame of cannabis, Michka! CNN’s Steven Kompier sat down with her at the Cannabis University, a new feature of Cannabis Liberation Day for this illuminating discussion about what the plant means to her.

In this interview Michka Seeliger – Chatelain speaks about her excitement at the current global cannabis movement. Having been a campaigner for the freedom to grow and use cannabis for over forty years, she acknowledges that although the shifts in legislation are not perfect, they are bringing us closer to the kind of world we want to live in. Michka has been a friend of Sensi Seeds for many years, and we are proud to publish this interview with her!

Michka has been a teacher, mentor and inspiration to countless people who have never met her, and possibly never even heard her speak, thanks to her prolific and informative books. She has written about multiple aspects of cannabis, from basic to expert cultivation, to spiritual use and esoteric meaning. Her books have been translated into at least ten languages. Her love of writing, and the topics she covers, led her to co-found Mama Editions. This renowned independent publishing house is now in its eighteenth year and currently offers fifty titles”

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Cannabis – The Godmother

Our “Cannabis – The Godmother” collection is available on 55 products, which includes a range of clothing, phone & ipad covers, home decor, wall art and more.

A-Line Dress
Cannabis – The Godmother Pillow
Cannabis – The Godmother women's tee





The cannabis leaf over the words “The Godmother” is inspired by The Godfather movie franchise with the women of the cannabis community in mind. So its a celebration of the female and female cannabis species as a tongue in cheek push back on a male dominated world.

*click on any of the images to go to the shop*




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Irish Mother’s Passionate Rally Cry For Access To Cannabis For Her Daughter

We previously posted some videos on Irish Mother Vera Twomey’s campaign to get access to whole cannabis plant medicine for her daughter Ava – A Mother On A Mission – Cannabis Revolution For Ireland?

Ava suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome which causes her severe seizures. Cannabis has shown to reduce and even completely stop seizures in people. Ava is on CBD oil which has massively reduced her seizures but hasn’t completely eradicated them. CBD is legal in Ireland but Ava needs a whole cannabis plant medicine, which is the full spectrum of cannabinoids – including THC.

In this video, Published on Apr 8, 2017 by communities against water charges  on Youtube sees Vera passionately address the large crowd gathered to protest water charges in Ireland’s capitol city, Dublin. Vera makes a very interesting point by asking why should she and her daughter facilitate the government by leaving the country to gain access to cannabis where it is legal to do so. A question that every family could ask when in a similar situation, especially when they know cannabis can alleviate problems and save lives. Cannabis has been shown to help with thousands of diseases and ailments but governments continue to deny it to citizens who need it most, which is unfortunately to the advantage of the big pharmaceutical companies. Please find out what is going on locally and get involved wherever you are in the world, we need to end the madness of cannabis prohibition….

“On a beautiful sunny day in Dublin, Vera once again made the trek from Cork to Dublin to speak to the crowd about her struggle to get her daughter Ava who is 7 years, old medicinal cannabis to control her seizures from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravits Syndrome. Make it medicine, Make it Happen!”

You Can keep up to date with Vera’s campaign for her daughter here Hope For Ava

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How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

This video from VICE features Lee Harris who ran for Mayor of London in 2016 for the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party AKA CISTA on his campaign trail. One “Gropper” (a grandmother who runs cannabis grow-op in her house) takes us on a tour of her indoor garden. We also follow thieves who target houses that are growing cannabis, identifying them with a drone and a camera that sees heat signals to break in and rob them because they cannot contact the police. Well known motivated stoner and UK rapper Black The Ripper gives his opinions and reasons for living like cannabis is completely legal. Chairman of the United Kingdom’s Cannabis Social Clubs – Greg De Hoedt who also suffers form Crohn’s Disease tells his own story about how he found out cannabis was the best medicine for him

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A Mother On A Mission – Cannabis Revolution For Ireland?

Vera Twomey, an Irish mother has embarked on a trek across Ireland from Cork to the government buildings in Dublin to demand she be allowed to cannabis oil which contains THC for her daughter Ava who needs it to save her from devastating seizures. The trek which started as a walk had to finished with Vera in a wheelchair being pushed due to injuries sustained during the walk. Vera has stated she will camp outside the buildings until the government make the changes that will alleviate her daughter’s suffering

Mother calls for access to medicinal cannabis for her daughter

Vera Twomey has released footage to Tv3 News of her daughter Ava suffering from a seizure in an effort to speed up her access to potentially life-changing medication.Ava suffers from a rare drug-resistant form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome and can suffer as many as 20 seizures a day. Her mother states that medicinal cannabis products can help alleviate Ava's symptoms.However she has been unable to access the products and is calling on health officials to help her daughter.

Posted by on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vera is defiant against the government policy which only allows for CBD cannabis oils with less than 0.02 THC in products sold in Ireland and she is gaining huge public support. Below is the last part of her walk to the government building, where Vera was eventually allowed through the gate with supportive politician Gino Kenny and coming out again to address the crowd

Ava’s Facebook page can be found here: Hope For Ava

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Cannabis Activism Poster & Sticker Templates

The images below have been created for people who wish to participate in some cannabis activism

Our motivation is simply to get the word about cannabis to everybody in the world!!!

 Just save any of the images and print off as many copies as you want to hand out or stick around your local area

The “Notice to cannabis growers” poster is exactly 2480 × 3508 pixels to fit an A4 sized piece of paper and  is purposely black and white to save on expensive coloured ink

To get the full sized images click on the image you want, then save it from the new page

You can print the poster on different coloured papers if you have any

After printing you can buy a cheap wallpaper paste, mix it to a thick consistency and use it to stick the poster around your local area or you can give copies to others and ask them to do the same

If you want to squeeze two posters from one A4 sheet of paper just print the second image and cut the sheet in half

If you have some artistic flair you could add your own colours

Tips: Don’t put your posters or stickers anywhere that displays information, for example if you cover parts of the bus stop timetable people will rip them off almost immediately if they need to see behind your poster or sticker

Try to place at an average adults eye level

The poster reads:

“Notice to Cannabis Growers
If you know someone who is suffering you can help !!!
Research Cannabis oil
revolution starts in the home
Help a suffering neighbour, friend or family member with cannabis oil
*Cannabinoids *Endocannabinoid System *CBD *THC
CANNABIS FOR: *Autism *PTSD *Alcoholism *Cancer *Diabetes *Arthritis *Crohn’s *Nerve Damge *Chronic Pain *Epilepsy *Multiple Sclerosis *Fibromyalgia
*Parkinson’s *Psoriasis *Seizures *Anorexia *Depression & More
Cannabis: The People’s Plant”

Full image will look like this on an A4 Size page – Click Here to see the full sized image – once opened save image from the new page

cannabis growers can help

If you wish to make two A5 sized posters from one A4 sheet of paper please Click Here to see the full sized image – once opened save image from the new page


These images below were used as a template for stickers by activists


Here are some old photographs of the stickers when printed

cannabis sticker cannabis stickers 2 cannabis stickers