UK Cannabis Documentary: Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution Coming Soon

Coming your way is a new UK documentary focused on cannabis, featuring well known activists as they continue in the push for people’s right to consume cannabis how they see fit. The documentary started off as an idea on the hugely popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter where it had a successful run in raising the funds. The quality of the film trailers for the Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution has some calling it “the UK’s Culture High” which is a huge achievement for the team behind the documentary given the small budget. Here’s a few of the people featured in the line up:

Clark French – MS Patient and Cannabis Activist, UK
Greg de Hoedt – Crohns Patient and Cannabis Activist, UK
Dennis Peron – Cannabis Activist and Author of Proposition 215, USA
Michelle X – MS Patient and Cannabis Activist, UK
Nol van Schaik – Coffeeshop Owner and Activist, Holland
Colin Davies – Opened 1st Coffeeshop in the UK, UK
Wernard Bruining – Opened 1st Coffeeshop in Holland
Paul Tokin – Cannabis Activist and Video Blogger, USA
Dan Redband – Trim Team Manager, RiverRock Denver/Video Blogger, USA
Alun Buffry – Cannabis Activist, UK
Deej Sullivan – Cannabis Activist, UK
Jason Reed – Director of L.E.A.P. UK (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), UK
& more…

You can find out more about the film on their website: or over on their facebook page where you’ll find out where the latest screening events are