The Zolo – Dry Herb Vaporizer by Imagvape

I was asked to review this little vaporizer called the Zolo by Imag Vape and because I’m more of a dry vape guy than someone who vapes oils I accepted. I have nothing against e-cig, e-pens, e-juice etc I just prefer to vape dry herb & hashes

I didn’t think the delivery was the vaporizer because of the small compact packaging it came in. It wasn’t until opening it up that I knew it was the Zolo.

What’s included is:

1 x Zolo Piece

1 x USB Charger

1 x Packing/Dab Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Packet Cleaning tips

1 x User Manual

Holding it feels very comfortable, unlike some other bulkier ones – perfectly sized! It feels smooth and slightly rubbery to touch, with an animal stripe texture to boot its very pleasing on the eye.

The mouth piece snaps on magnetically, so makes for easy removal and re-attachment. The mouth piece covers the heating chamber, so as soon as you fill the chamber with herb you can snap your mouthpiece on and its ready.

The Zolo also has a vibrate feature, which alerts you when it has reached your preferred temperature setting and when the device is turned on or off.

Standard android chargers will fit this vaporizer, so not to worry if the charger is a bit too short for you.

My first use was with some medium grade hash, I can report that it improved the flavour immensely. I started at the lowest temperature and worked my way up through the rest. I experienced citrusy flavours that I honestly couldn’t taste before from the same hash when smoked in my pipe.

With dry herb the Zolo Vape performed very well, just like an earlier model of theirs that I’ve tried. The last time I received a vape from this company, although a nice piece too, I gave away because I already had one that I was happy with. I am trading my current vape in for this little baby, I love her, I’ve become attached to it.

Here’s another reviewer’s video about the piece: