Music: 7 Stoner Classics – From Jazz to Techno

If like me you love music and you love weed ( why else would you be here on Weed Recommend ) you’ll probably have heard some of these classics. Some caused more controversy than others but that was more to do with the time in history and greater public’s perception of cannabis use not the content in the lyrics. These a just a few of my own personal favourites, enjoy:

In 1932 Cab Calloway’s Jazz genius saw his song – “Reefer Man” reach number 11 in the charts that year. I’m guessing this was a scary image that Cab was painting in this song to some people back then, most likely those people were racists:

In 1968 David Peel & The Lower East Side released the cult classic track – “I like marijuana” – gotta love this one for sheer passion!

A remix of this called – “I wanna be a hippy” by Technohead went to number one, into the top ten, twenties and forties in countries across Europe in the summer of 1995

Obviously I must include the man who continues to influence us all decades after his untimely death. Mr Robert Nesta Marley, better known as Bob Marley. I’m picking this track because it’s my favourite track by saint Bob and because it reminds of my youth.

Dr. Dre’s – “Kush” released in 2010 featuring snoop dogg and good guy Akon didn’t shock anyone who hasnt been under a rock for the last 20 years. It was an unapologetic ode to our favourite herb…nothing unexpected here then. I’ve picked this video because I love the cinematography in it. Its like a fuckin’ sci-fi movie guys…

Afroman released – “Because I got High” in 2001 and we all giggled but later we realized it re-inforced some of those silly misconceptions about weed. However in 2014 he rectified this with a positive remix of his original hit to counter any stigma still attached to weed smoking.

I’m gonna leave you with Cypress Hill’s – “Hits from the bong” from their 1993 album Black Sunday because it sample’s another song I love and plus it’s freakin’ awesome… if you haven’t lit up during any of these songs then maybe you’re not a stoner guy!