There’s a cannabis activist running for London Mayor? Yes…yes there is!

His name is Lee Harris, a long serving cannabis activist and he’s running for mayor in London – the city he’s been in love with ever since he arrived from his native country South Africa. Lee was selected to stand for CISTA ( Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol ) – The single issue political party established early last year in the UK

Now aged 79 ,he left his home country as a teenager but not before he met THE Nelson Mandela and became involved in the movement to end apartheid there. He said he brought his approach to activism with him to the cannabis movement within the British Isles…his true home.

Lee’s been campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis from before I was a twinkle in my dad’s eye and he’s still going strong so fair play to the man because I’m a child of the eighties, which I’ve just remembered was last century. Whoa!

We had the pleasure of meeting Lee last year in London and found him both captivating and wise. He was holistically welcoming, and his sincerity is part of his charm…things you’d want in a Mayor, right?

Now if Lee is elected Mayor in London, what will this do for the cannabis movement in the UK? I personally think it will give cannabis campaigner’s a massive platform to state their case. As countries from around the world relax their stance on cannabis the UK has stayed rigid in their position that it is a “danger” to society – which of course is the opposite of the reality.

The more voices hollering out from different spaces will hopefully force the UK government into taking cannabis legalization seriously and stop acting babies about the situation. So get hollering!

We’re backing Lee and we hope you will too in anyway you can. The simplest things like tweets, commenting and sharing on Facebook or other platforms can go a long way in helping to make this happen, so please do. If you’re in the London area there are other things you can do, like volunteering to help Lee canvas on the lead up to the vote. you can get in touch with Lee via his facebook page here:

Lee Harris is running for mayor on the 5th of May in 2016. So if live in the UK and you want to help Lee’s campaign to get cannabis legalised then #LondonMayor #LeeHarris

Check out Lee’s video below.

Lee’s website: