Aquaponics – Grow weed with fish poop?

Aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aqua culture. This means using fish waste to feed or nourish your plants in a cycle of pumping water from the tank to the plants

When the fish waste travels out of the tank via pump and onto the grow medium it is converted from a mostly useless waste into a fertilizer that feeds your plants. After the water with the fish waste in it passes through the grow media it then comes back into the fish tank clean and fresh again. This might be particularly good for people who wishes to become more self sufficient as well as energy efficient.

Aquaponics is a closed cycle, which means better control over your grow by minimizing the risk of contaminants getting into your environment. Aquaponics done right can save your tons of labour if you are used to the good old fashion method of planting into soil. Many people who use hydroponics may see benefits of switching to Aquaponics to bring down the cost of money spent on fertilizers.

The short video below is just a simple introduction to aquaponics, check it for some more reasons why aquaponics is great for growing cannabis:

Video Credit: YouTube Channel Potent Ponics