Everyone will be using cannabis within the next 10 years! Even YOU!

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While every cannabis activist up and down the country makes big noises about major conditions such as cancer, MS, fibromyalgia, etc, one medical application doesn’t seem to come up that much, despite the fact that right now, it’s probably one of our major playing cards!

Earlier this week, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, Lord O’Neill of Gatley, who led a government review on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) programs, called for a $2bn (£1.5bn) investment in global innovation funding for research by 2020.

This is part of global effort by 80 plus pharmaceutical companies that feature such upstanding names as GSK, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Owen Smiths old running pals, Pfizer, to have governments fund research over the next 10 years to the tune of $16-37bn.

In a joint declaration, at the World Economic Forum, they said the value of antibiotics “does not reflect the benefits they bring to society”.

In return, they have promised to invest in research and improve access to antibiotics around the world.

I’m just guessing here, but I’m supposing that these fine paragons of virtue wouldn’t overlook the fact that in 2008, a first of its kind study conducted by a team of British and Italian researchers, found that cannabinoids can be used as antibiotics. Super antibiotics in fact!

Specifically, the team tested five of the most common cannabinoids against six different MRSA strains of “clinical relevance”, including epidemic EMRSA strains, which are the ones responsible for hospital outbreaks. They found that every single one of the showed “potent activity” against a wide variety of the bacteria.

One of those cannabinoids is Cannabigerol (CBG). CBG is a primary cannabinoid found profusely in hemp. This will make the antibiotics of the future very very affordable to everyone!

The good news for us cannabis connoisseurs, though, so are THC and CBD.

The current antibiotics crisis is coming from our food chain, driven by drugs that these same companies have distributed. Colistin, our last line of defence for AMR, has been fed to livestock for so long that they’ve built up a resistance that is being passed on to us.

In 2008, the Express led with headlines of “Superbug threat ‘ranks alongside terrorism’”.

Something that England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said in 2013 “could be viewed as understated.”

Why should we trust these companies to come up with new drugs when their old ones are now letting the system down and plainly ignoring evidence on alternatives? Why pay for failure, when there are other ways?

By removing these drugs from our livestock and feeding them a healthier alternative, we can have healthier animals.

Hemp-fed cattle are steroid, hormone and ANTIBIOTIC free! Apparently, they taste better as well. Seeing as Americans also love their pork, the medicinal industry has been passing their waste over to pig farmers who report having healthier and heavier pigs. Even the chickens are getting in on the act with eggs that have richer yolks.

Just think how much it would save Brexiting farmers to be able to produce all of their own feeds from their rotation crop land! Think how much more they would make from legal cannabis!

769,230 Reasons Brexiting Farmers Should Support Recreational Cannabis – Recommended reading

It would certainly go a long way towards settling the future of young British farmers concerned with the loss of EU subsidies.

Lord O’Neill, the junior treasury minister and architect of the northern powerhouse, who has just quit the Tory party to join the lords could have solved two issues with one resource.

The northern powerhouse was supposed to be built on Graphene! A material that can be produced from cannabis at $500 per ton, rather than the current $2000 per gram from coal/graphite. One change in legislation and he builds the northern powerhouse while also producing highly effective antibiotics on a local basis, rather than shelling out £2bn to his big pharma friends in parliament and the lords.

You would think that with all of the highly paid government researchers our taxes pay for, they could easily figure this out on their own!

Whether you agree with legalisation or not is now becoming highly irrelevant! The human rights implications when it comes to antibiotics now negates any debates! Should, god forbid, something of the nature of a superbug to develop, your life could very well depend on .cannabis in the near future.

The really big question in all of this, do we pay the price gouging vulture capitalists of big pharma, or pop down the road to see the big farmer?

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