Watch: Is Hemp Battery Better Than Lithium Ion…This man thinks so!

It’s starting to feel like the hemp/cannabis plant is limitless in what it can be used for. This ancient crop already has over 50,000 uses from nutrition to housing but still new ones are realised. Hemp batteries are being worked on by different academics around the world as an alternative clean source of energy storage.  We came across this video from YouTube channel Robert-Murray Smith who is running some performance tests with hemp to be used in a battery

Robert-Murray Smith – The main focus of the channel is on energy, graphene, batteries and super capacitors


In the description for his second video which followed soon after said: “I am sorry for bothering you with this again but this result is just too fantastic not to share.” which made me laugh because he is clearly excited, something people often experience when learning about the plant. Anyway check out what he has to say