Colorado Ganja Tour

This is the sixth instalment of the web series known as Bong Appetit and this time Colorado is the focus of the day.

Host Abdullah Saeed takes us with him to see what marijuana tourism is all about.

Abdullah Quickly finds that one of the only places you can consume cannabis is in the back of the limo. A little loophole in the law has allowed a 420 limo tour guide to flourish. All kinds of people come on the tour, people ranging from “24 year old local bartenders to 70 year old disabled Texans.”

We are taken to a grow house, a dispensary and then to a cooking lesson with Jessica Catalano. Jessica Catalano is the author of the Ganja Kitchen Revolution, a ground-breaking cannabis cookbook, that’s got some beautiful recipes.

Canna-cook Jessica likes to control what is put into the plants as they grow. By that she says she makes sure that they get love and music, the plants also get petted, hugged and caressed. Far Out man.

The tour takes you through the process of plants starting at the farm, going through the kitchen and on to the table. You will be taught ‘how to taste cannabis properly’ so you can pair the flavours into your food.  Locals encourage good weed etiquette by advising consumers to follow the recommended dosing guidelines when eating edibles, then moving up through stronger doses slowly.

Abdullah Saeed writes the Weediquette Column on Vice under the name T-Kid.

Take a cannabis-fuelled culinary journey in search of bold flavors, colorful characters, and truly high-end eating as Bong Appetit travels the world seeking out those with a passion for food, weed, and merriment.” – Bong Appetit Self description.

The full series of Bong Appetit can be watched on the Munchies Youtube channel Here