Grandpa Rapper Smokes Weed For Glaucoma

Bitcoin the rapper is the coolest old timer on the block. Taking his name from the crypto-currency, Bitcoin is preaching the medicinal benefits of cannabis in this aptly named track – Smoke For My Glaucoma.

One of his opening lines “I smoke for my Glaucoma, like every single day. They say a packed bowl or two keeps the doctor away” sets the theme of the song and we love it.

Speaking more truth in his lyrics than a lot of these young rappers – Bitcoin proclaims “Weed cures Glaucoma, I’m medical proof, cures cancer pain, the mentally insane… And that’s the fuckin’ TRUTH!” and its our favourite line of the track.

While he thanks Obama for Obamacare he calls for legalization across the board “We need to legalize it, lega-fuckin-lize it, We need to legalize it all across the nation…”

His simple rhymes are good for your health. Rappers beware – Bitcoin is gunning for your spot.