Ancient Solid Gold Bongs Dug Up In Russia

According to an article on the UK Daily Express website – 2 solid Gold Bongs have been dug up in Russia when eclectic pylons were being erected. The Bongs date back over 2,400 years and may have been used by V.I.Ps, like tribal royalty to smoke from during ceremonies.

The items were found along with other gold items buried under a think clay. When black residue from the bongs was tested by criminologists it tested positive for opium and cannabis. The preciousness of gold suggests that people of ‘high’ stature used the bongs and that using these substances was considered an important practise in their lives.

Historians Andrei Belinski, from Stavropol, and Antonn Gass, of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, in Berlin, Germany, have both concluded that the bongs were used to smoke and brew mixtures of the drugs.

Mr Gass said: “That both drugs were being used simultaneously is beyond doubt.”

The discovery of the ancient stoner artefacts was made on the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia, midway through 2013, but was kept secret to avoid looting in the area.

Cannabis and Hemp has been used spiritually, medicinally, recreationally and agriculturally by mankind for thousands of years so news of the existence of ancient stoners isn’t surprising. Smoking weed from a solid gold bong is impressive in any century…