Map Shows The Price Of Weed In The U.S

The cost of weed can be dependent on the quality of the weed, where you live and what the legality of its use is. The price of weed in America ranges from $204 an ounce to $387 according to data from the website. The website is a simple platform where people who use weed submit the data anonymously, which is added up to show an average regional cost of the herb.

Oregon has the lowest priced weed at $204 per ounce, with North Dakota having the highest priced, reaching up to $387. In states like Oregon, Colorado and Alaska where they have been more progressive in their approach to cannabis by legalizing or decriminalizing its use, the price has fallen below $300.

The greater the availability of any commodity also forces traders to produce a better product as they compete for a market share. As a growing number of states take a more liberal approach to medicinal and recreational cannabis use the price wars should drive the price down even further.

Going against that trend is Washington DC, where the average price of an ounce of good weed is $346. Reasoning for this ? DC has a ban on commercial sales of the drug. Restrictions of this kind only inflate prices and this gives incentive to criminal elements within society seeking to cash in.

The Map image is provided by – Frank Bi of  Forbes