Inspiration from Joe Rogan’s Podcast

I found some nice inspiration from this video entitled – The manifestation of reality

This portion of Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell and friends talking about everything from life, happiness, synchronicity to human energy gave me a great sense of belonging, so I wanted to share it.

The guys are discussing the theory that life is a game inside some quantum “metaphysical soup”, a matrix type simulation that we are just a part of. Are we all just actors and the world our stage?

They also discuss how things are so ironic sometimes that its as if the universe is being satirical to show us not to take things too serious all the time and its ok to laugh at yourself once in while.

There’s some real good food for thought from the guys on Joe rogan’s podcast on a regular basis and its can be fucking hilarious too as it heavily features some of the best comedians around. Joe will have other walks of life on the podcast too though, like artists, athletes, scientists and more with some interesting conversations . We’d highly recommend you check out the YouTube channel and subscribe @ The Powerful Joe Rogan Experience

Below is another video mash featuring Joe Rogan and a NASA Physicist that goes further into the matrix theory – well worth absorbing after a few joints. We’d Highly Recommend It 🙂