Instant Cannabis Coffee ? Its here!

Canncup is a new instant coffee product with cannabis infused into the mix

Although still waiting approval this cannabis coffee fusion product is a glimpse into the future of cannabis consumption. Its a convenient way to consume buds and beans for a busy cannabis consumer like myself. I like anything that makes me more efficient. I can medicate with a drink if I’m in a hurry ( I’m always in a hurry) and so this product will slot into my life just nicely.

The Canncup comes packaged in individual pods to match the common and hugely popular instant coffee products already in the non-cannabis markets. The Canncup coffee isn’t the only option either, there’s also tea and hot chocolate cannabis infused pods too. That means you can medicate with a caffeine boost in the morning with cannabis coffee (or tea) and finish off at night with a hot cannabis cocoa in the evening with the hassle of extracting and or cooking cannabis oils.

The cannabis coffee brand is the brainchild of Canadian company Cann Trust , the CANNCUP is apparently compatible with instant coffee makers such as Keurig models.  Each coffee pod has been estimated to cost between $3 – $4 per cup so it will be aimed at the wealthiest people around. Other cannabis and coffee businesses will no doubt start popping up to rival Canncup and we think that is a good thing. The more the merrier we say.

Here’s a video of a cannabis – coffee infusion to make your mouth water:


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