Kenya: Bhang is God’s plant, can cure 6,000 diseases, petitioner tells senators

A petitioner seeking legalisation of marijuana, popularly known as bhang, says the plant can cure up to 6,077 medical conditions.

Ogot Gwada presented his petition to the Senate Health committee on Thursday.

Gwada said marijuana has not only huge medicinal benefits but also massive industrial use.

It is time Kenya decriminalised the plant and reviewed its categorisation, he said, adding the system that banned marijuana is “old and outdated”.

“The age of legal cannabis is with us…it is time-based, cyclic and coincides with the age of light and knowledge,” said the petitioner.

“Cannabis is God’s plant…a gift to mankind…just like the many minerals he has in store for Kenya. No one can stop this.”

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Apr. 06, 2017, 3:00 pm