Recycled Waste From Legal Cannabis Cultivation Facilities ?

Agricultural Recycling Services Known as Agra Cycle

Agra Cycle collects, processes and recycles agricultural waste from licensed cannabis cultivation facilities in the Denver Metro area. The goal is to provide producers with a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly means of complying with current regulation regarding waste disposal.

Currently most of the waste from cannabis cultivation is going into landfills. That’s not the best thing for the environment and Agra Cycle think there’s a better way:

We collect the waste product from the cultivator, mix it with a binding agent in order to comply with regulation (making it unusable and unrecognizable) and then transport the material to our facility, where it is processed to produce Hemp Crete. Instead of a decaying pile of garbage in the landfill, it becomes as useful, environmentally friendly product with a multitude of uses.

Early Hempcrete by Agra CycleHere is our first attempt at a HempCrete Buddha. The amazing Ms. Susan made the mold from a little Buddha that had sat on my nightstand for years. Now here he is, reborn into a little green HempCrete man. I think Buddha would be pleased. (And hopefully in his next incarnation, he’ll come out with a better nose)

Easter Island HempCrete HeadsThese Easter Island HempCrete Heads weigh around 80 pounds each. They’re made from legally grown cannabis trim, leaves and stems, a special imported lime formula, a little Portland cement and water.

AgraCycle; Saving the World one leaf at a time.  ;o)