Pregnancy and Cannabis by Dr. Melanie Dreher

Pregnancy and Cannabis: Dr. Melanie Dreher – Must Watch

Dr. Dreher discusses the studies she was involved with in Jamaica. There, cannabis is used for a variety of medicinal, therapeutic and preventative uses. These studies refuted many of the assumptions attributed to cannabis use, particularly regarding pregnancy and infant development.

Dr. Melanie has been doing cannabis research since since 1970 and the majority of the research has been in the country of Jamaica. In Jamaica they call a cannabis the king of herbs as its been used for many things from baby’s teething to ease inflammation as well as spiritual use. One study looked at women who who used cannabis during pregnancy and then followed up on the  children after birth then later when they were infants. Jamaica was one of the few places where you could actually separate Cannabis from other drug use due to it’s popularity there.

The results proved very surprising for Dr. Dreher and defy anti-cannabis statements that many movements, politicians, media oulets and more have been spewing for decades. At the very least Dr. Dreher believes there is no harm done to a baby during pregnancy by cannabis use but she would need to further study these “Ganja Babies” to affirm the mother’s claims that they are healthier babies.

Dr. Melanie Dreher is the Dean of Nursing at the Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois.