Joe Rogan & Adam Scorgie Discuss The Culture High

The Joe Rogan Experience With Adam Scorgie Discussing The Culture High & More…

If cannabis Documentaries are your thing you may be familiar with “The Union – The Business Behind Getting High” or ” The Culture High” which feature a host of celebrities, medical professionals, politicians and more explaining how the war the war on drugs (especially cannabis) has been lost. Narrator and producer of both films – Adam Scorgie breaks his latest cannabis film instalment “The Culture High” down even further with Joe Rogan who also features in the film.

In this podcast the guys also discuss everything from MMA fighting, food nutrition, politics to the dangers of energy drinks as well as prohibition among a list of other interesting ideas and thoughts that will set the juices flowing in your brain.

If you haven’t seen “The Culture High” yet then get on Netflix and absorb the knowledge contained in the high quality scenes. The movie gives a detailed insight into the problems that cannabis prohibition causes and challenges it on every level with facts and science instead of stigma and falshoods.

The huge cast of famous faces include Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Grinspoon , Professor David Nutt, Richard Branson who are all calling for an end of the war on drugs.

The Culture High Trailer Below: