The Pizza Hut Box That’s A Movie Projector

The combination of a pizza and a movie isn’t a new idea but almost an age old tradition, Pizza Hut has just made it way more fun with ‘The Blockbuster Box’. The fast food giant teamed up with Ogilvy Hong Kong to developed a novel pizza box that doubles as a movie projector by using your mobile phone.

The box is made taller than your average one to facilitate your phone and comes with a magnifying glass inside that requires a quick set-up. The little magnifier pops into a perforated hole at the front of the pizza box where it projects your chosen movie download onto a wall – in a darkened room preferably.

Unfortunately the promotional boxes are only available in Hong Kong so we may never see them outside of the city. The risk of having a greasy phone after isn’t very appealing, the quality of the picture and sound won’t be theatre like but we’re sure people would still spend a little extra to join in on the fun.

Wishful thinking would see “Happy” pizza on Pizza Hut menus across the board after full Legalization. Until they can deliver a movie-weed-pizza-popcorn-theatre combo box to the door within 30 minutes we’re going to stick with Netflix and Nugs.