Top 10 US College Campuses For Weed Smokers

This list comes entirely from The Princeton Review of the most marijuana-friendly college campuses in 2015. Over 130,000 students through 379 schools were surveyed for these results

10 USCS-weed-day#10. University of California at Santa Cruz

The students of the University of California at Santa Cruz host a pot-smoking event on 4/20. Generally, several thousand students show up to the event and smoke up. The state of California allows the possession of weed, but several students are arrested each year for having more than an ounce of marijuana in their possession.

9 pitzer-college#9. Pitzer College

Pitzer College is located in Claremont, California which weed, of course, is legal. Even before legalization, Pitzer College has been one of the top colleges for potheads. The student population is only around 1,000 and the cost of tuition is around $45,000 annually, but this small amount of students does enjoy wasting their money by getting high constantly instead of studying or whatever students are supposed to do at college.

8 sarah-lawrence-college#8. Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College is small college with around 2,000 students and located in Bronxville, New York. Although marijuana for regular use is illegal in New York, that law does not stop these students from smoking pot. The student population is also around 75% female, so if you are into female potheads, Sarah Lawrence College might be suited for you.

7 university-of-oregon#7. University of Oregon

The University of Oregon in Eugene has been called the “weed capital of the world.” Many former Oregon Ducks football players have admitted to consistently smoking weed while being an active player. This fact might explain why Oregon played so terribly in the 2015 college football national championship.

6 university-of-vermont-1024x768#6. University of Vermont

If there’s a state even more irrelevant than South Dakota, then it’s going to be Vermont. The only thing that Vermont does offer is a decent university with a solid Liberal Arts program and reportedly some of the best home-grown weed. Approximately 44% of the enrolled UVM students admit to smoking weed on a regular basis.

5 ithaca-college#5. Ithaca College

Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York has taken huge strides to allow marijuana on campus. The students of Ithaca College created a group called “Students for Sensible Drug Policy” that was able to make marijuana use an equal punishment as alcohol use on campus. So instead of getting arrested for marijuana use, the school will probably just give you a citation.

An estimated 12,000 to 15,000 people all exhale marijuana smoke as the clock hit 4:20pm during the 4/20 event at the University of Colorado in Boulder#4. University of Colorado–Boulder

The University of Colorado–Boulder has so many pot-smoking students that they had to close campus for the entire weekend during 4/20. Of course, weed is legal in Colorado, and the college students in Colorado are taking full advantage of this new privilege.

3 new-college-of-florida#3. New College of Florida

The New College of Florida hosts around 700 students and allows those students to create their own classes. Although marijuana is illegal in Florida, the Saratosa Police department once quoted “Marijuana is against the law, but we are allowed to handle it internally.”

2 eckerd-college#2. Eckerd College

Eckerd College, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is honestly only still running due to the high amount of pot smokers that want to attend the college for the weed parties. Without these weed smokers, Eckerd College would only be a college for a few artsy kids.

1 skidmore-college-octopus#1. Skidmore College

Surprisingly, the most marijuana-friendly campus resides in a state that does not even allow the regular use of marijuana legally. Skidmore College’s 4/20 celebrations have gotten so insane that some students created an octopus bong out of a shopping cart.