A Crash Course On The War On Drugs – Recommended For Politicians

We highly recommend that you share the video below with your local politicians as it explains clearly why the war on drugs is really just a war on people

If you are genuinely a politician and you’re reading this then good on you for being willing to learn more. If you really represent the people who elected you then please read into this further because the truth is that drugs are used in every walk of life, therefore it would be only fair that you increase your knowledge on the subject given your responsibility and how widespread drug use really is.

So we all know someone whose been directly affected by substance abuse, legal or illegal, and also people affected indirectly, maybe someone in our greater circle of family or friends who has been distraught with worry over another person so much so that they themselves can’t function as usual and sometimes even fall ill. Its no mystery that the majority of people who use substances have no problems with them, that includes alcohol, caffeine, ,cannabis, nicotine, opioids and all the other psychoactives you can get at a chemist, off a drug dealer or in nature. You may even enjoy some of these simultaneously from time to time, I bet you’re fine though…

Now how would you feel if I came looking for you with some of my friends for doing this, maybe bring a dog or two, then we entered your property by force, frightened your family, arrested you, have people judge and publicly humiliate you, your family may even join in on the humiliation depending on their understanding of the situation and then to top it off we imprison you for drinking a cup of coffee? Would you want to be around anybody who was involved in any of the process of all that again??? You’d feel let down by those people, your trust in them would be broken, you would question your own intuition and feel isolated, even when some of those people actually do have your interests at heart their poor understanding of it all has creates a wedge. Imagine you couldn’t even articulate any of this… My point is that stigmatization can be dangerous and basing policy on it is even more so.

When you are better informed you make better decisions but when you punish a person who has a genuine problem with drugs then you push them away from society, you tell them that they are a “bad person” so can’t be included anymore. A community can be judged on how it treats the most vulnerable people among them. The prohibition of drugs hugely increases risks for those already vulnerable , while it creates vulnerability where there isn’t any. This war on drugs is founded on racism, class division and vile, greedy profiteering from human suffering and it needs to end now!!!!!

Feel free to copy, paste, elaborate and edit any of the above in any way that improves my rant and email it to other politicians, or just do that anyway if you’re not one, Here’s the video: