The A – Z Of Research Into Cannabis

Granny Storm Crow’s List is arguably the best collection of links to research and stories involving the therapeutic use of cannabis.

The list was first compiled by Storm Crow and posted over on the Green Passion Forums in 2008. Given that research into cannabis has grew (pun intended) rapidly in the last 8 years Storm Crow has continually put out an updated version of the list on an annual basis.

Numbers 1 to 4 in the list of downloads below are the four components of the 2016 Granny Storm Crow’s List..

Number 1 is the introduction will give you an idea of how the PDFs have been separated and listed. A word from Granny –

” If you are new to the List, you may find them to be interesting. If you must read only one introduction, read the one on the Omega 3/ CB 1 connection (2011). It has information that you really need to know!

Number 2 is the A – Z list, which is alphabetized by illness or condition with a link to a story that featured in the news/media

Number 3 is The “Phytocannabinoids” list and contains the studies on the plant cannabinoids and other plant compounds that can activate the endocannabinoid system

Number 4 is a mini dictionary that will help newbies to understand some of the language used in the stories and/or research

* Number 5 is the older GSC lists of references from 2000 until 2009 combined into one PDF

Please spread and share these lists far and wide

  1. Introductions To The GSC List 2016 <<< Click to download PDF
  2. GSCL A-Z of illnesses treated by cannabis <<< Click to download PDF
  3. Cannabis Phytocannabinoids and related compounds research from 2010 – 2016 <<< Click to download PDF
  4. GSCL 2016 Mini Dictionary  <<< Click to download PDF

* 5. GSCL – Conditions & Related Articles * 2000 – 2009 <<< Click to download PDF

You’ll find the latest Granny Storm Crow’s List Here