Cannabis is The Future

This is another great Tedx talk called: “The Chaos of Cannabis”  by Jahan Peston Jamas. Jahan’s goal is to change the stereotypes of cannabis and give you a new perspective on the thousands of uses for the cannabis plant including housing, food, healthcare, medicine, textiles and more. Jahan gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he mentions that cannabis is “the arch nemesis of all narcotics officers but its the best friend of every college student and hippy in the world”.

Describing it as the “Elixir of life” for many patients and customers Jahan speaks about the stigma still attached to cannabis and how many people will only speak about the plant in “hush tones”. Jahan wants to change this by introducing the audience to the many industrial uses of hemp/Cannabis, the role it will play in the future of the planet, the technology already evolving and how cannabis is overlapping into that industry, like the 3D print industry for example.

Jahan breaks down the different types of cannabis: Sativa, Indica, Ruderralis and how different countries use it for military textiles, automobile body parts, for the paper for currency and so much more. Known as Bhang in India Jahan wants this plant to be embraced for all of it’s uses in his country. and has set up India’s first industrial hemp company and is encouraging others to pursue hemp based cultivation as an enterprise and backbone as an emerging industry of the future.