Drugs are Bad MMKay – Says DEA

When the most aggressive anti-drugs enforcement group can only reply in cartoonish fashion when asked about cannabis you know something is not right

This video has been circulating for a long while but if you haven’t see how clueless the DEA are on cannabis then please simultaneously amuse and sadden yourself by witnessing this spectacle. We don’t actually believe that these agents are oblivious to the truth about cannabis, we believe that they are shills, saying the necessary things that makes sure prohibition is kept alive. The DEA makes tremendous profits from the “war on drugs” so changing their stance on cannabis would be working against themselves and their interests. This would explain the blatant skulduggery going on in this video where they are trying to word the issue in a way that it perpetuates the manufactured fear surrounding all drugs. They are trying to be smart, yet play dumb…there’s so much horse shit…in so little time… FUCK FUUUCK FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK