Man Disrupted During Cannabis Prayer By Police

A man who was in mid ‘cannabis prayer’ was disrupted and questioned by police at the Sacred Roger Williams memorial well.

The incident involves a member of The Healing Church called Rey Hererra during a public prayer ceremony where they use cannabis. The Church is based in West Greenwich and aptly hold a ceremony at 4:20 Pm.

The man who is openly smoking weed tells the police his religious beliefs are being violated citing

“This is against the law what you people are doing here…you’re going against my religion” & “I broke no law here sir”

Rey refuses to surrender his ‘father’s gift’ (the weed) to the police and even corrects an officer, telling him it’s called ‘Cannabis’ not ‘Marijuana’ when the police officer tells the man he ‘can smell marijuana’.

Healing Church members Alan Gordon & Anne, both long time cannabis activists are also present to film the second half of the video. All three people are very outspoken about how they feel the police treatment is discriminatory against the church members. The officer’s were adamant that cannabis smoking is prohibited on federal property.

If you like what the church is doing then Check out their Facebook page and Alan Gordon’s Youtube channel for some more church dealings with the police.