Music: The Hempolics – Me Love To Sing

The Hempolics are out to put those organic rootsy vibes back into electronic music and bring something altogether different to the table…

The Hempolics new single Me Love To Sing is an anthemic dedication to soundsystem culture that is sure to strike a chord with the wider public and anyone who loves to sing. The Hempolics crewmash fat radio-friendly hooks with the rough and tough lyrical skills of vocalist Dandelion to create a tune that will have old and new soundsystem fiends grinning and singing with pride. Turn it over one time, flip it to the B-side and you’ll hear The Hempolics hypermix which promises to bring out the skank in every music lover. A remix of Me Love To sing by Mungo’s Hi Fi was released last year on Scotch Bonnet Records and with the 7” sold out and in high demand this release has been keenly anticipated. Ignore The Hempolics at your peril, with airplay from Rodigan and Don Letts they are taking UK reggae to the next level with a modern yet somehow backward looking sound.

“The Hempolics are The best band in The UK – but nobody knows it yet…” ‐ Maxi Jazz (Faithless)