Video: Inside The Moroccan Hash Industry


For almost thousand years, the Rif has been home to large scale cannabis cultivation. While there have been flare-ups of violence from the Moroccan police from time to time, the past decade has seen a transition to peace in the War on Drugs.

In Amsterdam – hash-selling coffee shops rely heavily on this industry, while the entire supply chain is still illegal. Journalist Thijs Roes  wanted to find out what’s going on and why we’re not talking about it. Thijs Roes went to Morocco to find out more

Part Two:

Controlled Substance is a Youtube channel about drugs from a scientific perspective and without any taboos. We assume intelligence and responsibility from our viewers, since all are actors in one of the biggest conflicts of our time: the international War on Drugs.

This channel talks about substances as if they’re a common cultural phenomenon. Because they are.

Controlled Substance is hosted from the Netherlands by science journalist Tice Roes.